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Cloud DCs to drive 400Gbps adoption by 2019: Dell’Oro

By Tony Chan

The growing implementation of cloud datacentres will propel the industry towards 400Gbps networking by 2019, says Dell’Oro. According to the market researchers, the majority of large cloud service providers with the exception of Google are already looking at 400Gbps.  “Cloud service providers are entering an expansion and mega-upgrade cycle driven by increased capacity demand and aging infrastructure,” said Dell’Oro Group senior director Sameh Boujelbene, adding that “400Gbps will become the next major speed after 100Gbps, provided availability of 400Gbps optics.”

The Dell’Oro datacentre market research also found datacentre switching now expanding beyond the edge of datacentres to include datacentre interconnects. At the same time, the disaggregation of the switch hardware and switch operating system will spread significantly beyond white box systems over the forecast period, Dell’Oro added.


(This article first appeared on www.commsday.com)

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