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Citrix Strengthens Cloud Support Via Microsoft and Google

Citrix is obviously keen to establish a lead in the Cloud space as a SaaS provider, and reiterates this at the Citrix Synergy 2019 Atlanta conference by extending its strategic partnerships with two of the world’s three largest Cloud names.

David Henshall, President and CEO said, “We officially live in a hybrid, multi-cloud world. And it’s changing the game for IT. Also, we recognize that our customers have a lot of technology and infrastructure, and we want to give them Choice.

So we will continue working with a large ecosystem of partners – for intelligence traffic, for data platforms, for workspace security, etc.”

He continues, “In extending Citrix Workspace to our Cloud partners’ environments – Microsoft Google Cloud, we’re giving companies greater flexibility and choice in how they deploy the SaaS, cloud, and web apps their employees need to be engaged and productive and a simple, efficient way to do it.”

Citrix + Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella addressed the Citrix Synergy 2019 Atlanta conference, where Citrix introduced the Citrix Managed Desktop on Azure –  that promises first class Citrix workspace experience for Microsoft cloud customers. Concurrently, Citrix also introduces Citrix Support for Windows Virtual Desktops on Azure.

Citirx + Google Cloud.

Google Cloud’s Rob Enslin, President for Global Customer Operations presenting at the Citrix Synergy 2019 Atlanta conference, to endorse the extension of the newly launched Citrix Intelligent Workspace on Google Cloud – giving  customers the choice to efficiently deliver apps to Google devices and operating systems

‘Point of No Return’ – Over USD1.5 Billion sales expected from Subscription-based by end 2019.

Since Citrix announced its move towards a subscription-based business model several years ago, lead by the Cloud trend, today David Henshall shared at the Citrix Synergy 2019 Atlanta media conference that the tech company is already at the ‘Point of No Return’ in its transformation into its subscription-based model journey.

“Overall, we have had faster growth towards subscription by 5-10%. By end of 2019, more than 50% of sales would come from subscription (as compared to on-premise) bookings.”

Quantum-wise, this means that Citrix will have its sales of over USD1.5 Billion from Subscription, since its target topline revenue for 2019 is USD3.08 Billion.

Henshall continues, “So far, there has been a 40% to 45% y-o-y growth for Citrix from subscription. In 2018 Citrix saw 50% of new (sales) bookings coming from subscription, up from 30% from 2017.

Today, 2/3 of all available Citrix Workspace is Subscription-based. This is further facilitated by Citrix’s T&T (Trade up or Transition) programme that eases customers’ move to the Citrix Cloud.”

However he assures that  that the company will continue strong support for customers who remain on premise. “We are not forcing customers to move to Cloud, different for each customer and what they really need; and we commit to support (for on-premise Workspace solutions) for those who are not yet ready.”


(This journalist was a guest of Citrix’s to their annual conference Citrix Synergy, in Atlanta, Georgia)