Citrix: Pick a cloud or hypervisor… any cloud or hypervisor!

Citrix has launched Citrix Workspace Cloud, a cloud services offering that gives customers flexibility of deploying on any cloud of their choosing. According to Citrix Area President for ASEAN, Mark Micallef, “Citrix’s strategy is not to build a cloud, we don’t want to be in the mega cloud provider space, that war is already over, with Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google dominating.”

“But we want a mechanism for customers to easily deploy Citrix solutions like mobile device management (MDM), application virtualisation, file-sharing, lifecycle management of workloads and so on, whilst enjoying the benefits of cloud like self-service and automation.”

Citrix mark micallef

Mark Micallef

Imagine a deployment path that sits between the two extremes – one where businesses build out and operate workloads themselves, and the other where businesses do not want to build or own any infrastructure, and simply subscribe to a service from a public cloud.

Freedom of choice

With Citrix Workspace Cloud, customers would have the happy combination of these two deployment options.

They could deploy also Citrix workloads into any environment of their choosing, be it private or public. This is in contrast to how workloads are currently rolled out in the industry – with lock-in to only one cloud or only one type of hypervisor.

Essentially, the control plane would sit on Citrix cloud, while data, virtual machines and apps are located on-premises or with a service provider. Corporate IT would be able to retain some level of control over their organisation’s workloads, instead of giving it all over to a public cloud provider.

Also, regulated industries like financial services, now could enjoy benefits of the cloud, whilst maintaining compliance with data sovereignty regulation.

“Essentially our product components sit on our Citrix cloud, while talking to virtual machines that could sit on customers’ premises or on a public cloud of their choosing. There would be a secure tunnel between our components,” Micallef explained.


The Area VP anticipates a lot of industries would snap this up because of the simple automated-like delivery of apps and workloads.

“Designing and architecting the workload stack gets taken out of the equation for a lot of organisations,” he said.

But, this is also a channel-friendly solution.

“Our channel partners would still have a role to play when they help businesses transition to this model, by moving workloads to the customer’s desired locations. It also allows our channel partners and cloud service providers to work together.”

Overall, the Citrix Workspace Cloud also allows customers to transition to the cloud in their own time and on their own terms.

Micallef concluded, “Cloud is not an island, where you jump on it and separate it from the rest of the world (IT environment). A vendor thinking, ‘Only my cloud, only my hypervisor’… I think those days are gone.

“Now, customers already know they made the mistake of being locked-in to vendors, in previous years.”

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