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Citrix’s ‘Intelligent’ Workspace Signals New Era of Employee Productivity

At the recent Citrix Synergy 2019 conference in Atlanta, Citrix Systems, Inc (‘Citrix’) (NASDAQ:CTXS) ushered in a new era of employee engagement and productivity with the launch of the intelligent workspace (Citrix® Workspace™) by CEO David Henshall at the event’s keynote.

Henshall kicked off his keynote with a slew of worrying statistics that directly impact productivity:-

  • “Globally in 2020, there here will be a shortage of 95 milion medium-to-high skilled workers- globally”
  • “85% of employees are disengaged at work, so if only 15% of employees are driving productivity in the organisation, imagine how much productivity loss is there? The disengaged employee is estimated to cost companies $7 Trillion annually”
  • “4/5 IT leaders believe employee experience is critical to digital transformation, but most of the time employees don’t have the access to tools and info for them to do their best work.”
  • “90% of applications will still be in use in 4 years. So there are layers and layers of technology on top of each other. It is easy to adopt new tech, but much harder to use what is already there.”

With the Citrix® Workspace™, Citrix hopes to boost employee productivity via next-generation intelligence capabilities that delivers a unified and contextual experience for employees across any device or network.

The Citrix® Workspace™ encapsulates what Citrix – original claim to fame was the world’s leading desktop virtualization management company, envisions will propel the organisations worldwide to facilitate optimized productivity of future employees.

 Solving the Problem of ‘Disconnected Applications’

Citrix’s injection of an ‘intelligent experience’ into its Workspace, would help solve what Henshall deems is one of the biggest problems faced in the enterprise tools – Disconnected Applications.

Henshall said, “Enterprise software has failed employees. In this consumerism of IT, there are just too many apps, with the typical organisation having over 500 apps. Most are simply too isolated, with too little usage of them, and too much switching between apps with cumbersome workflows.”

PJ Hough, Chief Product Officer, Citrix said, “To do any job and do it well, you need the right tools. The problem is, most of us have too many available to us and they’re too hard to find and use. Employees today deal with as many as 11 different apps a day to get their work done.

This overload and complexity hinder employee experience and lead to low levels of employee engagement. That must change.”

Henshall’s specific target for the Citrix® Workspace™, is to ‘…give back employees 1 day a week’ – in terms of increased productivity. This is ambitious as it translates to 20% of the organisation’s productivity boost with existing talent and human resource.

Citrix® Workspace™ – the Intelligent Workspace

The Citrix® Workspace™ will include the following main highlights

  • Infusion of machine learning and simplified workflows, to transform the employee experience by not only organizing work, but guiding and making it smarter.
  • Single sign on access to all the apps and content employees prefer to use in one, unified experience, including out-of-the-box integrations with more than 150 enterprise applications such as Salesforce, Workday, SAP Ariba and SAP Concur, ServiceNow, Microsoft Outlook and G Suite.
  • Integrations with popular identity and access management providers (including Okta, Ping, Radius, and GoogleID) combined with Citrix Workspace security controls to deliver these apps more securely than operating them natively.

Citrix’s Intelligent Workspace leverages over 100 microapps pre-built for popular software services, to automatically surface prioritized and relevant tasks that allow employees to complete their work in fewer steps and with greater efficiency.

Also through a planned Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offering, Citrix and its partners including Microsoft and Google, will make it easier than ever for IT to provide a unified, secure work environment in the cloud from which employees can access their individual desktops and all the SaaS applications.


(This journalist was a guest of Citrix’s to their annual conference Citrix Synergy, in Atlanta, Georgia)