Cisco Deepens Connectivity Vision With New Global Campaign

Cisco has unveiled a new global integrated marketing campaign, “Internet of Everything”, a revolutionary campaign with a big message: Connecting people, process, data and things will make the network more valuable than ever. 

The Internet is only 8000 days old. 2.5 billion people and 37 billion things will join the Internet by 2020.   Cisco believes this is just the beginning as 99 percent of things in the physical world are still unconnected, ready to be woken up.
Today, the new campaign showcases how Cisco makes amazing things happen when we connect the unconnected. These new connections mean unprecedented opportunities as people, processes, data and things join and interact on the “Internet of Everything”. Things like medical devices, buildings and even highways.
Cisco’s campaign, developed with branding and advertising agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners, introduces the tagline “Tomorrow Starts Here” that involves broadcast advertising, digital and social media, as well as a technology that’s suitably innovative: augmented reality-enabled print advertising. 
With a smartphone or tablet, readers can bring print advertising to life. They can open up a world of videos, case studies, whitepapers, and infographics that they can share, like, follow or download. It proves this massive shift isn’t just coming. It’s happening.
The Internet transforms. Again.
“When the Internet emerged just over two decades ago, it changed everything. But what we’re about to see makes that pale in comparison,” said John Chambers, chairman and chief executive officer, Cisco. “The Internet of Everything will disrupt all kinds of industries. That means new opportunities, new businesses, new experiences and new services.  And big opportunities for people, companies, and countries. 
John Chambers
“The ‘Internet of Everything’ demands a distributed, application-centric networking, computing and storage platform that connects things in ways that just weren’t possible – even imaginable – before.  And that explosion of new connection depends on Internet Protocol (IP)-enabled devices, more broadband access around the world, and IPv6.  Our network provides an intelligent, manageable, highly secure infrastructure that can scale to support billions of connected devices.”
Cisco at the centre
“We love making change happen,” said Blair Christie, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Cisco. “It’s in our DNA. Today’s leaders want partners who can guide them through change and shape their organizations for the future. They’re asking: how can all this connectivity help me grow my business, deliver better services and experiences, and open up new possibilities? Well, we’ve got the answers. The Internet of Everything will transform the way we live, work, play and learn, and we’re right at the center.  I think our new brand strategy captures the optimism and the opportunity waiting for Cisco. And the world.”
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Supporting quote: 
Yuri Wahab, Cisco’s Managing Director for Malaysia:
“The evolution of the Internet is advancing at an exponential pace, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. The ability to be connected anytime at anywhere on any device securely is becoming a critical need in order for businesses to step ahead of this curve and for communities to embrace this new experience. 
Through Cisco’s new “Internet of Everything” worldwide campaign, we hope to inspire and connect Malaysians to endless opportunities, helping both enterprises and SMEs remain competitive on a global scale. The network should sit at the heart of all efforts in revolutionising the way Malaysians approach business, infrastructure, public services, and any other imaginable facet of our lives.”


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