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CGD’s RMiT Series 2020

CGD, a premium IT event organiser, kicked off the year with their first event together with RSA on 8 Jan 2020.

CGD co-founder, Rodney Lee who now also is the Director of Enterprise Security at EC Council Global Services, said,“As RMiT compliance comes into effect in Jan 2020, we will step up related RMiT topics to allow CIOs/CISOs to explore and catch up with the guideline.”

RMiT or Risk Management in Technology is a compliance document for the financial sector.

During the event with RSA, RSA’s Chief InfoSec & Risk Advocate for Asia Pacific and Japan, Ramon Karingal, along with RSA’s regional business manager, Mark Lee, addressed an audience of senior executives who are interested to know how to comply to RMiT for their respective organisations.

Ramon, Mark, as well as two other RSA executives, Andrew Chang and Vincent Teo presented about RSA’s value proposition and fielded technical questions from the audience about RSA products and solutions, namely RSA Netwitness and RSA Archer.

Pictures below are courtesy of CGD.

An audience keen to know more about integrated risk management.

The first of CGD’s RMiT series for 2020 was held with RSA at Majestic Hotel.