Certes Networks Penetrates into Malaysia’s IT Security Market

Certes Networks, the leading security solutions (multi-layer encryption) provider for high performance networks, today announces a partnership with Secure Source to establish its business focus locally in the areas of data protection and encryption.


Secure Source specializes in delivering innovative network security technology and solutions to advocate the demands for security solutions in Malaysia and throughout the Asia Pacific.


According to Thomas Gill, the CEO of Certes Networks, the company is now aggressively expanding its reach into global markets through new partnerships with established regional value-added resellers and distributors.

“Secure Source has a very established presence and distributor brand for top-notch IT security solutions for the Malaysian enterprise market. We are confident in working with them to develop the business over here steadily, seeing the need for high performance network security in Malaysia is growing rapidly.”


Certes Networks’ multi-layer encryption solutions are now available as a value-added security option within the Secure Source security services portfolio. This offering enables security-sensitive clients to meet compliance and data protection requirements.


“Certes Networks’ innovative policy and key management solution, and multi-layer, wire-speed encryption appliances can secure any network without impacting the underlying infrastructure or application performance.”


Certes’ groundbreaking solution eliminates all the traditional network encryption restrictions, thus allows organizations to better governing the network’s security. The solution architecture also enabled to secure cloud migrations, permitting companies to adopt cloud networking at their own pace.


In order to meet the full range of deployment preferences, the Certes Networks solution will be offered both as i) a customer owned solution or ii) a managed Encryption as a Service (EaaS) offering.

The New Offering of TrustNet Manager


TrustNet Manager is a web-based security management platform that Certes recently offers to its worldwide customers and partners to encrypt the data on Cloud-based networks. TrustNet Manager provides i) a simplified deployment of multi-layer encryption and security policies, ii) disaster recovery capabilities that could constantly update the security keys and iii) the ability to control the encryption keys and policies for data traffic on the Cloud.

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