Catching up to mobile demand

About 40-percent of mobile traffic in Malaysia is due to video, according to Ericsson’s half-yearly Mobility Report. This reflects the challenges that the local telco industry knows today and in the coming years – users are demanding more from their mobile services.

Ericsson Malaysia’s Head of Business Development of Multimedia and System Integration, Sebastian Barros opined, “So, we need to ramp up fast… our networks have to transition from being voice-based to app-based networks.”

Sebastian Barros

Sebastian Barros

He also cited Australia operator, Telstra, as being an example of an operator who has built their networks to support applications.

Network transformation, one of the aspects that Ericsson’s report had covered, has to happen according to Barros. But, he also cautioned that transformation is not about putting in more boxes into the network.
“Telcos have to think about the whole planning and designing and build of the network,” he said.

For example, 85-percent of consumption in Malaysia, is indoors ie. Malls, offices, cinemas and so on. “They need to design solutions for indoors with small cells,” Barros suggested, adding that despite this, small cells take up in Malaysia, is “not enough.”

He also said that this year, telco operators will have set records in terms of capital expenditure investments this year.

“At least the three big operators are spending more than they have in previous years. But, the challenge is that demand is moving faster than supply,” he observed.

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