Businesses in Asia Pacific and Japan Lead the World in IT Transformation – But Much Work Remains

Dell EMC has released the results of research, conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), into the benefits IT Transformation is delivering in Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) – as well as the region’s IT maturity when compared with the rest of the world.

The research demonstrates APJ organisations’ understanding that new technology and processes are needed to remain competitive and thrive in today’s digital economy. Whilst the global business landscape is in a state of disruption with incumbents and start-ups alike leveraging technology in new, innovative ways, organisations are transforming IT to help them bring products to market faster, remain competitive and drive digital transformation.

For ESG’s 2018 IT Transformation Maturity Study in APJ, which was commissioned by Dell EMC and Intel Corporation, 1,374 respondents were surveyed from Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, India, and Hong Kong. Organisations were then grouped into one of four categories – Legacy, Emerging, Evolving, and Transformed – based on their progress, with Transformed including those furthest along in IT Transformation initiatives and Legacy including those falling short in many areas.

According to the Study:

  • Companies in APJ are more likely to have achieved Transformed status – 8% versus 5% in the rest of the world
  • 90% of companies are under pressure to deliver products and services faster, which requires having a more agile approach to IT
  • 94% of respondents say they have digital transformation initiatives underway – either at the beginning of implementation, in process, or mature
  • 75% of Transformed companies consider that they are usually significantly ahead of their competition on time to market

“We see a strong focus on agility, speed of business and innovation in organisations in APJ,” said Amit Midha, President, APJ Commercial, Dell EMC. “While the majority are still in the ‘emerging’ and ‘evolving’ stages in terms of IT maturity, there are promising beginnings and we see the region’s commitment to reaping the benefits of this transformation, including capturing market share and securing future growth. This commitment is continuing to propel the region to the forefront of global digital transformation.”

David Webster, President, APJ Enterprise Business, Dell EMC, added: “The importance of Digital and IT transformation has made technology a boardroom-level priority. While IT departments in APJ still have progress to make in establishing their role in driving business strategy compared to their global counterparts, the region is making significant strides forward. Investment in key technologies is higher here than anywhere else globally, which is creating great transformational potential, and successfully positioning technology as a driving force behind business success.”

 The ESG 2018 IT Transformation Maturity Study

 The IT Transformation Maturity Study in APJ research follows the release of ESG’s 2018 IT Transformation Maturity Study earlier this year, which was designed to provide insight into the state of IT Transformation around the world, the business benefits fully transformed companies experience, and the role critical technologies have in an IT Transformation. The study, also commissioned by Dell EMC and Intel Corporation, validates that IT Transformation can result in bottom-line benefits that drive innovation, business differentiation and growth.

IT Maturity in APJ

The APJ Report findings show the strong momentum that IT Transformation is enjoying in the region. Its importance is driven by the link respondents see between IT Transformation and Digital Transformation, time-to-market pressures, and the pervasive requirement to reduce costs. Similar to the global findings, organisations in APJ that have transformed their IT consistently outperform those achieving a lower maturity score. In APJ:

  • Transformed organisations are 39.5 times more likely to make better, faster business decisions compared to the competition
  • Transformed organisations are nearly 13 times more likely to complete most application deployments ahead of schedule
  • Transformed organisations spend 73% less per business critical application supported

IT Maturity in APJ vs. Worldwide Results

Set to compete in the innovation race, organisations in APJ continue to build holistic IT infrastructure and are ahead of the rest of the world in certain technology adoption areas. However, the study points to business leaders in the region lagging behind their global counterparts in understanding where IT fits within business strategy development – and how IT transformation translates to critical competitive advantages for the overall business. In APJ:

  • Transformed organisations surpass the rest of the world in terms of scale-out storage usage – 70% versus 65%
  • Transformed organisations lead the rest of the world in terms of flash adoption – 76% versus 73%
  • 24% of Transformed organisations in APJ view IT as a competitive differentiator, compared to 37% in the rest of the world
  • The likelihood of IT leaders to be involved in business strategy development at APJ-based Transformed companies is 50%, compared to 67% in the rest of the world

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