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Bolstering protection for AWS workloads

Earlier this year, Veeam Software had announced that it has acquired N2WS, a leading provider of cloud-native Enterprise backup and disaster recovery for Amazon Web Services (AWS), in an all-cash deal worth USD42.5M.  N2WS is a leader in IaaS data protection, providing a cloud-native backup solution specifically designed for AWS workloads, enabling organisations to back up data and applications as often as needed and recover them in seconds.

Veaam’s Effendy Ibrahim, Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Asia & Japan, talks to Enterprise IT News about this acquisition.

EITN: How does the new acquisition fit into Veeam’s current set up in terms of solution offerings, that traditionally targets VMware environments?
Effendy: The acquisition will enable both Veeam and N2WS to bolster data protection for AWS workloads and accelerate growth for Veeam as a leading provider of Availability of any app, any data, across any cloud. With Veeam’s continued penetration into the enterprise, and N2WS’ data protection for AWS public cloud workloads, this combination will deliver solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to run more workloads in the public cloud and realise the associated cost savings and other benefits.

EITN: What kind of IT environment will this new solution be able to address, and what is the unique differentiator of this solution?
Effendy: N2WS is a leader in IaaS data protection, providing a cloud-native backup solution specifically designed for AWS workloads, enabling organizations to back up data and applications as often as needed and recover them in seconds. Veeam will have access to N2WS technology and R&D to integrate IaaS data protection for AWS workloads into the Veeam Availability Platform. N2WS will also have access to Veeam’s R&D as well as with its vast experience delivering data protection for virtual and now physical environments.

Existing Veeam customers will benefit from a soon-to-be-launched package of special offers and incentives for Cloud Protection Manager (CPM) from N2WS. CPM is the leading Enterprise-Class, Backup, Recovery and DR solution for Amazon EC2 based on Amazon native snapshots. CPM allows you to automate, control and maintain the backup and recovery of your entire, multi-region, EC2 environment. Using CPM, you can reliably backup and instantly recover all types of EC2 instances (with snapshots or AMIs), EBS volumes, RDS databases, Redshift Clusters with associated configurations and recover individual files. N2WS will also have access to Veeam’s vast ecosystem of alliances and partners, including nearly 55,000 resellers and 18,000 Veeam Cloud Service Providers.

Veeam now has the capabilities to truly differentiate itself in the Malaysian marketplace through offering a risk managed approach to protecting, managing, recovering and making available native based services, whether they are native in on-prem clouds, native in managed clouds, SaaS and now Public Cloud services being AWS.

 EITN: Do you plan something similar in the pipeline, for Google Cloud and Azure clouds?
Effendy: I am not able to comment on Veeam’s future plans but we’re definitely planning to grow our business to provide better and more efficient offerings to our customers. We will keep you posted with future updates.

EITN: Any comments on how this recent development might impact blockchain networks and technology (if at all)?
Effendy: Looking through the N2WS knowledge base, documents and white paper of N2WS does not surface anything on direct impact or using blockchain. Other than data protection offering to blockchain providers with their application offered in AWS.

EITN: What is the total addressable market for Veeam now, with this new solution? Has the demographics of your customer base changed also, as a result?
Effendy: The demographics of Veeam customer base has evolved in face of digital transformation and they are organisations who are embarking into multi-cloud strategy and as such, with the acquisition of N2WS, a leading provider of cloud-native backup and disaster-recovery for AWS amplifies our existing and introduces new customers. Globally, AWS occupies over44-percent of public cloud market share, 80-percent of the workload is Linux. AWS has global public cloud of USD9.775 billion.



Veeam Acquires N2WS to Deliver Industry-Leading Availability and Protection for AWS Cloud

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