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Bigtincan(R) To Empower Remote Workers With New Capabilities

Bigtincan, the leader in AI-powered sales enablement automation, today announced its Spring 2020 release. This release adds over 45 new features and capabilities supporting the company’s commitment to intelligent automation and sales readiness 2.0.

“The global pandemic has had unexpected downstream effects on consumers and businesses, presenting a unique opportunity for companies to build customer value and trust,” said David Keane, CEO at Bigtincan. “Our vision is to empower sellers with one platform, delivering sales readiness, just in time content, and automated document personalization to transform their customer engagements into long-term valued relationships.

Sales Readiness Dashboard is a single hub for managers to get a 360-degree view of virtual selling and return-to-work readiness for remote teams and make data-driven decisions for on-boarding, training, and coaching of individual sellers at global scale. The Dashboard takes advantage of Bigtincan’s custom-tailored data models; best-in-class algorithms developed from the acquisition of Contondo that learn from company-specific data to improve and suggest actionable use of content, learning, document automation and internal communications.

News and Social Feeds help companies deliver communications, corporate news and health and safety communications remote workers in 24 languages on mobile devices and computers. The internal communication feature can be used both inter and intra-company to promote company news, share stories, photos, and videos, and deliver critical corporate communications beyond the email inbox employees won’t find anywhere else.

Bigtincan’s Spring 2020 platform update will be generally available this year: