Big data and machine learning

According to ASG Technologies’ APAC General Manager, Praveen Kumar, AI or machine intelligence is the ability of machines to learn, solve problems and so on. Machine learning however, is the application of AI that allows computers to understand data and statistics which can also be used to predict an occurring problem, which in turn helps businesses plan and create strategies accordingly.

He said, “Machine learning algorithms create more specific metadata and classify data more intelligently, identify relationships, build and improve predictive rules and create new business initiatives.”

Praveen also talks further with EITN about what the current big data trend means for ASG Technologies.

EITN: What are ASG’s views of machine learning and AI? How do they enhance your offerings?

 Praveen: Big data is escalating into immense proportions as the internet of things (IoT) grows and adds to the massive amounts of data already being stored by enterprises. Companies are moving to extract hidden value in data lakes, with citizen data scientists — an increasingly common role within organisations — gather insights that will inform and affect business.

To aid this process, IT enterprises will increasingly turn to artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, such as machine learning, to find correlations across data elements and build entities that have meaning and use with the enterprise.

We see these elements complementing our solutions and offerings. ASG uniquely provides capabilities needed to capture, manage, understand, trust, share use and govern all enterprise information – structured, unstructured and in data lakes – as a broad set of services.

We can embed our solutions into other applications to use the information in processes – such as with the ASG business process management capabilities – or for analysis and reporting to drive insights and govern for regulatory compliance.

EITN: What are the top 3 ways AI and/or machine learning enhance your offerings. How does this translate for your customers?

Praveen: Organisations today collect massive amounts of customer data on a daily basis – so much that many often don’t realise how much they have in inventory, where did the data come from, how it was transformed and what could be the impact of changes in the data. To add to it they do not have a solid set of tools or software to properly manage this data, align it to business definitions and process / segment it in accordance with growing data privacy regulations.

Understanding all the data in the business is a common challenge, and we provide software and content management solutions to first and foremost make sense of that data, and also provide assistance regarding assured security and compliance – which is becoming a fundamental regulatory requirement across the globe.

Furthermore, we differ because we can integrate with existing systems and work across applications to deliver seamless, secure access to content across the increasingly diverse and complex IT infrastructure.

By integrating with AI and Machine learning we are able to enable businesses to quickly discover, understand, and access enterprise data, help identify and locate personal data easily within their data lakes and it puts business critical data directly into the hands of business users giving them visibility and the ability to make more informed business decisions.



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