Betting on End-to-End Synergies

Empowering mobile productivity is a core part of Lenovo’s commitment to customer-centricity. Khoo Hung Chuan, General Manager, Lenovo Malaysia and Singapore, explains, “What our business customers are increasingly looking for are tools that allow their staff to be as productive offsite as they are at their desks, whether that means working from another office, an airplane, at home or at a coffee shop.”

Khoo shares that Lenovo’s focus towards mobility reflects how they always aim to cater to the needs of their customers and improve their experience. This is applicable to their approach in the rest of their businesses, explaining why Lenovo is the only major technology company that offers end-to-end solutions of the industry’s best innovations, from PCs, smart devices, to mobile and data center. “This means that if your organization is exploring mobility for the employees, whether they are sales consultants or manufacturing engineers, Lenovo has all the devices to meet your needs,” says Khoo.

Bring mobility advantage through innovation

Lenovo constantly innovates to make sure customers are offered with the right solutions. The ThinkPad P51s Workstation, which was introduced earlier in June 2017 by Lenovo Malaysia, is evidence of Lenovo’s commitment in fulfilling customers’ demand in mobility while keeping up with the changing market landscape.

With an Intel Core i7-7600U Processor powered by Windows 10 Pro, the ThinkPad P51s WorkStation is a ‘thin and light’ full-function mobile workstation that perfectly combines performance with functionality for professionals on the move.

Out of all the outstanding features such as ultra-high resolution, anti-glare display with discrete graphics, multi-port flexibility, and business-class security, perhaps the most exciting feature for ‘power-hungry’ users is that the ThinkPad P51s Workstation comes equipped with Power Bridge Technology. This feature allows users to change batteries without shutting down the laptop, giving users the ultimate freedom from the power adaptor. All in all, the ThinkPad P51s is a solid example of how Lenovo meets the evolving needs of business customers through cutting-edge innovation.

Enable mobility through empowerment

While organizations see the importance in providing the right hardware to facilitate mobility, most still try to maintain control by locking down the work environment. At Lenovo, we understand that the key for employees to perform at their best is to provide what they need to flexibly work according to their unique working style. It is all about empowerment.

As such, Lenovo provides Unified Workplace to organizations, which enables them to securely deliver the right apps and content, to the right users anytime, anywhere on any devices. With just a single password or single sign-on (SSO), users can enjoy remote access in one workspace. Available on-premises or as a hosted solution managed by Lenovo, organizations can even offer a more customized experience to employees by enhancing the app and desktop services.

Unleash an organization’s full potential through data center services

The high demand in mobility is also a statement of the changing business landscape, implying the urge for a digital transformation. Nowadays, many companies increasingly look for higher processing and greater storage requirement to fulfil their business needs.

At Lenovo, we see that the age of “intelligence revolution” is coming and there is no turning back. In order to bring customers a strong technology foundation that can support transformative capabilities such as data analytics, high-performance computing, hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Lenovo launched ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile. These two new brands are an end-to-end data center portfolio and was launched in Malaysia during the Lenovo Transform Summit in August 2017 to empower organizations with fluid resources that can adapt to the evolving needs of a business.

Often, customers find advanced IT capabilities like data center services too complex and confusing. With Lenovo’s new portfolio of data center solutions, customers can easily adapt to the changing IT needs while reducing complexity and cost created by silos in traditional IT. What’s more, customers can also be empowered to create the foundation of a future-defined data center with simplicity, agility and flexibility and future-proofed preparation.


As part of Lenovo’s continued efforts to be the leading end-to-end solutions provider in this competitive market, mobility remains a key focus area for the brand to continue innovating in.

Khoo said, “Moving forward, our bold vision is to be nimble and disruptive and better capture market opportunities through four ways.”

“Firstly, we want to deliver the industry’s most reliable and dependable infrastructure through continuous innovation; secondly, Lenovo will showcase our competitive advantage in bringing hardware to customers through the most agile, responsive and efficient supply chain; thirdly, we will focus on winning more clients, and involve more storage, networking and services offerings in each deal; finally Lenovo will be building and strengthening ‘best-of-breed’ partnerships to deliver leading edge solutions where the biggest growth opportunities lie.”




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