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Basis Bay launches its hybrid cloud solution in Malaysia

Basis Bay recently celebrated their 20th anniversary in conjunction with the launch of their Sustainable Cloud (SC), during an event that was officiated by Malaysia’s Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Wilfred Madius Tangau.

The Basis Bay Sustainable Cloud is a private and hybrid cloud offering that includes comprehensive cloud services in a fully virtualised network environment.  According to Basis Bay CEO Dato’ Praba Thiagarajah, this cloud offering is engineered to fill a gap in the market for a full private and hybrid cloud that supports all platforms and is based upon legacy systems.

A centralised dashboard will allow administrators to seamlessly manage Basis Bay-based private clouds and other public clouds, by being open with exposed APIs. This enables very crucial interoperability of different clouds via the centralised management dashboard.

With presence in over 52 locations that span over 20 countries, Basis Bay has carved a name for itself as a provider of sustainable IT infrastructure and managed data centre services that cater to high-end mission critical workloads, such as those found in the financial services industry.


Basis Bay is also about to announce their presence in Australia via acquisition of an Australian IT infrastructure company. Besides Malaysia, the SC is also expected to launch in Australia and Singapore by year end.

This is to serve a large US-based multinational company that wants to have presence in this region.

By having equity interest in data centres all over the world, Basis Bay is able to build out data centre capabilities for their customers by adding a combination of network, compute resources and services.

Dato’ Praba said, “We touch the hardware, micro codes, operating system, middleware and database layer. Basis Bay’s specialty is that will we will work at the middleware layer to allow our customers to share data between their different databases.

“The middleware will make it work together seamlessly with public clouds.”

MDEC CEO Dato’ Yasmin Mahmood congratulated Basis Bay, commenting also that the IT provider is one of the MSC programme’s pioneer members. “I am proud to see them progress to this level, and for having the foresight to provide a highly-differentiated end-to-end cloud solution based upon Wintels all the way to mainframes.”




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