Avnet and IBM driving transformation in the technology distribution industry

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]In the era of the constant evolution of the technology distribution industry, CIOs and technology leaders in companies face the task of looking for the best possible solutions to drive transformation in their enterprises.

Mark Martin, vice president, IBM Solutions, Global, Avnet Technology Solutions and John Guido, vice president, Global IBM Managing Director for Avnet, are thought leaders in this field. They are excited at the prospect of the market opportunities that are available for enterprises as the opportunities brought about by the Avnet-IBM partnership.

The strategies in 2017 that Avnet and IBM are looking towards for their customers are:

  • Flawless Transactional Execution
  • Position their partners to be the premier
  • To leverage Avnet’s new solution specialist approach
  • Accelerate time to value.

There have been multiple areas of interest from the technology industry on how CIOs can take notice of their customer’s needs and priorities in today’s technology landscape and how vendors and distributors can make use of this knowledge to tweak their strategies. The relationship between distributors like Avnet and their partners like IBM provide an insight to how technology distributors can benefit their customers by tailoring their solutions to fit their needs. Avnet strives to allow their customers to experience Avnet’s solutions through their partnership with IBM.

About Mark Martin

Mark Martin is the vice president, IBM Solutions, Global, Avnet Technology Solutions.  He is responsible for overall growth and profitability of Avnet’s IBM relationship globally.

About John Guido

John Guido, the vice president, Global IBM Managing Director, Avnet. John’s current assignment is IBM’s Global Managing Director for Avnet. Responsible for the overall IBM relationship with Avnet Inc.; representing IBM’s largest Global Distributor.

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