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Avaya SDN Fx – Not quite SDN, but that’s ok

Avaya’s Chief Technologist for Software Defined Architecture Jean Turgeon, opined that Avaya’s SDN Fx solution brings businesses pretty close to software-defined networking (SDN) and most probably wouldn’t need to go all the way. 

SDN-like behaviour without SDN controllers is possible, according to Avaya

In the networking industry so far, that requires actually needing an SDN controller. Avaya does not have this but their SDN Fx networking architecture takes businesses pretty close by being a foundation to SDN.

What this architecture consists of is Fabric Connect, the automated core that auto configures core switches via one single, network-wide Ethernet fabric, and the edge devices that it automates, for easy and seamless connection to apps and devices.

This enabled edge leverages fabric extension beyond the data center to the user edge.

So, it’s a different architecture. But…

Turgeon said,”As a business, document all the issues and what you want to solve before you choose your technology. “

He also described that a  business ‘ list  of pain points would likely include time to service, time to repair, need for business continuity, enhanced security, lack of skills and too much complexity among others.

The chief technologist opined, “To solve all those problems, don’t bang your head and wait for SDN connectivity to come to the rescue.  You can still  solve them without a controller, because Avaya is open and wants to interoperate with other controllers.

“Take the right path, not the wrong one, and we will take you to SDN,” Turgeon emphasised in conclusion.

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