April meetup for digital performance tweak pros and tune-uppers

The evangelists/ technologists behind the apmblog by Dynatrace are coming to town. Passionate about sharing digital performance best practices and performance cultures like DevOps, user experience, we are honoured to have them in our April Meetup.

Below are the topics they will be sharing, but feel free to catch them and pick their brains on your projects and challenges.

1.Welcome to Mordor! Hunting Performance Issues in Node.js byDaniel Khan where he will briefly go through the “hall of fame” of Node.js performance problems and the technical details behind them.  Then he will touch on getting valuable insights on how Node.js (V8, libuv) and how to create metrics that the V8 engine provides to us out of the box and learn about tools that help interpreting them.

2.Time for a new way to measure user experience on your mobile and web applications by Klaus Enzenhofer where he explains how the world has changed and we are facing mobile native apps as well as single page websites which make traditional performance measurements useless. How can we look into the new concept of a User Experience Index and identify bad user experience in the mobile world of today.

3.Running PHP on Nginx – tips and tricks for high performance websites by Harald Zeitlhofer where he will will talk about leveraging Nginx for high performance websites and proper settings for serving PHP requests efficiently. – What is it that makes Nginx that fast? Is it a good idea to run PHP applications on Nginx?

And what would it need to take full advantage of it?




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