All SEXed Up

Enterprise IT News has a snazzy new look!

Almost overnight, the country’s leading enterprise technology channel is transformed to emphasise visuals that please the eye, and a much more interactive format for easy readers’ consumption.

Besides that, we wanted to make EITN  easier for you to read while on-the-go go go! – be it while doing a fast scroll of the latest ICT solutions and brand trends announced for Malaysia, or just catching up on news about your industry peers,  on your smartphone or tablet.

And that’s exactly what we did by making the EITN news channel totally 100% mobile responsive… no more needing to crazily scroll to the left and right to get the whole picture!

Right now, you get a powerful and pleasurable read each time, in this Ferrari of a website that is fully optimised (and highly secure too!) for an unparalleled content consumption  experience.

Also, one new portion has been added to the EITN website, as a way of celebrating your changing and evolving work- and life styles.

Aptly call the “People” section, it features not just the latest job movement of the industry’s who’s who, but it will also delve a little deeper into interesting personalities as well – sharing their likes and pet peeves, a summation of their achievements (in and outside your industry) thus far, with a little insight of your peers’ PoV on specific issues.

Thank you for your support thus far, and we continue to look forward to please.

IT BYTES BACK! says: EITN is sexy, and you know it…

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