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Akamai: Australia leads APAC on average mobile speeds but still languishing on fixed

By Petroc Wilton

The latest Akamai State of the Internet report has seen Australia retain its APAC lead for mobile connection speed, but also remain mired well down the world leaderboard on fixed broadband. New Zealand, however, has climbed the global rankings for average fixed speeds while also improving on average mobile performance.

According to the Q1 2017 edition of the SOTI report, now in its tenth year and ranking 241 countries for broadband performance, Australia continues to lead the APAC region with an average mobile connection speed of 15.7Mbps – up from 13.8Mbps in the previous quarter. Akamai also found Australian smartphone penetration amongst the highest in the world at 84%, with 4G adoption at 77%.

“Major mobile networks in Australia diligently retired many older mobile networks showing huge progress to support better mobile connection
speed, compared to other Asia Pacific countries that have not or unable to due to device fragmentation in their markets (e.g. 2G, Edge 2.5G),” commented Akamai APJ chief media strategist Vincent Low. “This year Telstra rolled out the world’s first Gigabit LTE network in Sydney, offering download speeds of nearly 1Gbps and upload speeds of 150 Mbps. This is competitive to what is being offered in many of the North Asian countries like South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong.”

However, fixed was a different story; while Akamai found that average fixed connection speed had grown from 10.1Mbps in the prior quarter to hit 11.1Mbps (also representing a 26% improvement year-on-year), that still left Australia ranked 50th globally – barely improved from its 51st place in the Q4 2016 rankings.

New Zealand, meanwhile, sailed up the fixed-line rankings with an average connection speed of 14.7Mbps – up from 12.9Mbps in the previous quarter and up 40% in twelve months – propelling it to 27th place globally, from 34th in the prior quarter. Akamai put average NZ mobile connection speed at 13Mbps, up from 12.5Mbps in the previous quarter.


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