Cloud and Digitalisation to Drive Local DC Growth

A stronger focus on both cloud computing technology and the digitalisation of businesses will drive the current growth of the local data centre industry.

However, many companies in the region still prefer the hybrid IT infrastructure model, where they use cloud services but still keep mission-critical data on-premises. Data centres with a high presence of hyperscale cloud service providers are crucial in linking the two areas and will be able to capitalise on this parallel growth.

“AIMS has created a cloud exchange to address the symbiotic needs of both end users and cloud providers within AIMS. End users will enjoy direct, secured connections to major global cloud service providers for a much-improved user experience, while cloud service providers hosting with AIMS get direct access to the community for cost and operational efficiency,”” says Chiew Kok Hin, Chief Executive Officer of the AIMS Group.

The influence of digitalisation on the data centre industry, which enables businesses to establish international footprints and penetrate global markets more easily, also cannot be dismissed. This convenience comes with various challenges, not least of which is providing reliable and secured connectivity across the globe.

Data centres are instrumental in connecting, supporting and safeguarding an international business network, so choosing the right partner is important. “These businesses need data centres that provide comprehensive global points of presence and connectivity. Additionally, data centres that host Internet exchanges as well as major global cloud and content providers will always be first choice because of the indisputable reputation and the ecosystem needed within the community,” says Chiew.

“When emerging technologies involve massive consumer data and monetary transactions, the requirements for the data centres hosting them will get more stringent,” he says. “Customers should consider data centres that not only comply with global ISOs and PCI DSS standards, but also provide complete security scrutiny.”

Thanks to supportive government policies and the continued push for digital transformation, Chiew believes that Malaysia’s data centre industry will continue to enjoy robust growth and remain a frontrunner to become a data centre hub in the ASEAN region.