AdNovum and Squirro Launch Solution for GDPR Compliance

The Swiss software company AdNovum and their interdisciplinary team of consultants have built up extensive expertise in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and, in close cooperation with the Augmented Intelligence provider Squirro, developed an application that enables companies to meet the GDPR requirements and manage their data protection risks. The application ideally complements AdNovum’s consulting services for security and data protection teams.

In early 2019, AdNovum and Squirro launched an application that enables companies to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and to manage their data privacy risks. The solution was jointly developed by the cyber security experts and Squirro consultants of AdNovum and the Augmented Intelligence provider Squirro.

Saving time

According to GDPR, companies must respond to queries related to customer data within a very short time. The application enables them to efficiently search their entire business activity for structured and unstructured data that is related to the inquiring customer.

Toni Birrer, CTO of Squirro: “Consumer data is stored in almost countless silos all over a business – CRM systems, file servers, ERP, employee e-mail and much more – so assessing this data for GDPR compliance is a significant undertaking. The GDPR application of AdNovum and Squirro addresses this by using Augmented Intelligence, saving thousands of man hours by searching for and finding any data that needs to be GDPR compliant, wherever it is stored.”

Peter Gassmann, Chief Consulting Officer of AdNovum: “Our joint solution for GDPR compliance addresses the efficiency problem of dealing with distributed and unstructured customer data, using the power of Squirro’s Augmented Intelligence platform.”

Easy to use

The application displays customer inquiries automatically and clearly in a dashboard, allowing organized processing in Kanban style. Data related to the customer can be localized without great effort in the various peripheral systems. Whether structured or unstructured data – Squirro’s cognitive search feature finds them in any connected data source. The search results are displayed in the GDPR dashboard and can be exported as a report for the requester.

Supporting security and data protection teams

The privacy and data protection knowledge of AdNovum’s experts was key for the development of the GDPR application. In addition, AdNovum supports security and data protection teams which manage the personal data of their customers with a variety of services ranging from analysis and implementation to monitoring, and even acts as security or privacy officer. 

Aldo Rodenhäuser, Head of Security Consulting of AdNovum: “We are very pleased that we have been able to contribute our comprehensive and interdisciplinary knowledge in the areas of security management, data privacy and cognitive solutions to such an effective application. It was exciting to develop the application together with the experts from Squirro within a short time-to-market.”

For more details on the GDPR application of AdNovum and Squirro, please visit or, which also provides information on AdNovum’s privacy and data protection service offering.


Squirro provides Augmented Intelligence solutions. Its unique technology marries Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and predictive analytics, empowering organizations to transform enterprise data into AI-driven insights. Organizations using Squirro take advantage of its ability to source leads and recommend the next best action in an automated way. Its real time 360-degree client cockpit provides a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the customer journey.   

Squirro’s applications for Corporate Financial Services, Insurance and Manufacturing are successfully used by leading global organizations, such as ING, Investec, Helvetia, AXIS Re, Sony and Bühler. Founded in 2012, Squirro currently has offices in Zurich, London, Munich, New York and Singapore.   


The Swiss software company AdNovum offers its customers comprehensive support in the fast and secure digitization of existing business processes and the implementation of new business ideas from consulting and conception to implementation and operation. The NEVIS Security Suite with their products is market leader for identity and access management in Switzerland. AdNovum’s customer base includes renowned companies from the finance, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing and logistics industry as well as several federal offices and cantons.

Founded in 1988, AdNovum today employs over 600 staff at its headquarters in Zurich and offices in Bern, Lausanne, Budapest, Lisbon, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore.