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ADAMOS for lower barrier to enter Industrial IoT

According to Software AG’s CEO, Karl-Heinz Streibich, Europe need not try to copy Silicon Valley to reap the rewards of a thriving software industry. Industrial IoT can level the playing field and Europe’s Germany offers a suitable environment for software industry to grow along with it.

The European Business Review reported him as saying that, “I argued that the elements needed for success of a magnitude never before achieved by Europe’s own software industry lie in our very own hands, our own back yard so to say, and in our industrial, engineering and manufacturing heritage.”

He had shared this following the formation of a global alliance of international machine manufacturers including Software AG itself, in September 2017.

ADAMOS or the Adaptive Manufacturing Open Solutions had comprised of leading manufacturers like Durr AG, DMG Mori, Zeiss AG, ASM Pacific Technology, and the German-based software vendor.

Streibich owed this to a perfect storm of enabling factors, the most significant of which, I will zoom into below.

The IIoT opportunity

The industrial Internet of Tthings (IIOT) business opportunity is huge, something like 1 trillion euros in revenue by 2020, according to Software AG.

And there is nothing like a huge mega Industry movement like Industry 4.0 to really leverage digitalisation and fully take advantage of everything digital technologies like industrial IoT have to offer and turn it into huge productivity gains and at levels of customisation, personalisation, cost reduction and efficiency like never seen before.

It involves a convergence of IT and OT (operational technologies), IT providing customer-facing technologies like interfaces, feedback loops, analysis and automated responses, while OT operates manufacturing processes, real-time identification of manufacturing events and quality aberrations, and robotic assistants.


The ADAMOS platform is also a software platform that unites both these worlds of IT and OT, in a way that is fully open and encourages sharing.

With the pace of digitalisation as rapid as it is today, companies have to quickly innovate or be made irrelevant just as quickly.

An 2017 survey report found 90-percent of respondents admitting that Industrial IoT (IIoT) is critical to their company’s success.

But IIoT can be an expensive and arduous endeavour that deters any company; the same survey revealed only 16-percent respondents have a comprehensive IIoT roadmap, while 45-percent of decision makers have no IoT strategy at all.

To add salt to the injury, IoT and the technologies and solutions revolving around it, belong in the IT domain.

With the ADAMOS platform, manufacturers can quickly start their own IIOT initiative without too much of a learning curve to go through and more importantly, without forgetting to innovate.