Irene Infoblox

A Happy Threats Defense Day

As 2020 approaches 2021, Infoblox had organised a Happy Threat Defense Day hosted by Alvin Rodrigues, Field Chief Security Officer. The briefing session concluded with a special presentation by celebrity speaker Irene Ang, CEO of FLY Entertainment. Many will remember Irene as the better half of Phua Chu Kang, the lead of a Singapore comedy sitcom.

Also notable is the complimentary Infloblox offering for the over 100 participants of the online event. Alvin explained, that the 6-page complimentary DNS security assessment would help businesses get visibility of everything that is going on in their network.

“We will also share recommendation on steps you can take to improve your security posture,” he said.

Above all, he left the audience something with something to think about in terms of what their businesses are going to be like in the new normal. “What shape or form is it going to take? When you have seen (to that), we need to look and analyse what your business dynamics are now.”

Adapting to a New Normal

Alvin invited participants to think about, what their business models would be when COVID-19 is over or slows down.  “Will you go back to your old model, or be a hybrid of the old and the new?

“And if you decide on a hybrid, what is the impact going to be on your business should a breach happen? What are your assets that will be compromised and what are the vulnerabilities in your system?” he said.

Alvin cautioned the audience that when they move in the hybrid direction to think of. This is due to a dynamic between the business, the network, and the security, because in this era of high-connectivity the network is your business.

“From Infoblox’s point of view, DNS is the heart of your network, and you need visibility to manage this environment,” he concluded.

This visibility can alert the business when any devices are compromised, or if there are any potential infiltrations/exfiltrations that are happening.