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60% of Malaysian Companies Use Outdated Tech

It is more critical than ever for companies in Malaysia to refresh the technologies and solutions in their cybersecurity infrastructure, according to findings of the latest study by Cisco. Titled, Security Outcomes Study Volume 2, the study highlighted that 60 percent of cybersecurity technologies used by companies in Malaysia are considered outdated by security and privacy professionals working at these organizations.

The study is based on a global survey of more than 5,100 security and privacy professionals across 27 markets. Respondents from Malaysia also consider their cybersecurity infrastructure unreliable and complex, with 60 percent and 57 percent respectively highlighting this in the survey.

The good news, though, is that companies in Malaysia are addressing this by investing in modern cybersecurity technologies and approaches to address this and improve their security posture. More than eight in 10 (81 percent) respondents in Malaysia said their company is investing in ‘Zero Trust’ strategy, with 53 percent saying their organization is making steady progress with adopting it and 27 percent saying they are at a mature state of implementing it.

Juan Huat Koo, Director Cybersecurity for ASEAN at Cisco (pic), said: “In today’s digital led business environment, companies need to ensure they stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cybersecurity. Cisco’s latest study provides great insights for security practitioners on what really works when it comes to building a strong security posture, thereby taking the guesswork out of what they should focus on and prioritize to keep the business and users safe.

In addition, 84 percent respondents said their company is investing in Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture, with 53 percent saying they are making good progress with adopting and 31 percent saying their implementation of the same is at mature levels.

“Businesses across the globe, including here in Malaysia, have seen a huge change in their operating models, driven in large part by the pandemic. As they grapple with changes like a distributed workforce and digital-first interactions, businesses need an integrated security architecture to connect users seamlessly to the applications and data they need to access, in any environment and from any location,” said Hana Raja, Managing Director, Cisco Malaysia. ”