SHARE/GUIDE Introduces Seamless Registration Process

SHARE/GUIDE, recently successfully organized its major event of the year – its Annual Conference & ICT Awards & 30th Anniversary Dinner celebration on 26-27th September, 2019 in Melaka.

In line with the digital theme, SHARE/GUIDE introduced a fully digital conference registration system using a Silverlake Group sponsored mobile app, ‘hi-hive’, ensuring a seamless registration process via delegates’ mobile phones and minimizing the normal queuing process!

“In 2019, we ourselves will be going digital, by launching our very own mobile app hosted on ‘hi-hive’, sponsored by Silverlake. We will be using this mobile app as a platform for our Conference registration, doing away with traditional paper and name tag processing. This is another digital initiative from SHARE/GUIDE, having adopted paperless financial processing” shared Nazrul Hisham Abdul Hamid, Chairman SHARE/GUIDE IT Users Association (pic)

The prominence of SHARE/GUIDE being a major representative group of IT Users has prompted CyberSecurity Malaysia to collaborate further with SHARE/GUIDE in being a ‘Supporting Organization’ for the Conference with the aim to promote awareness on the impact of cyber security attacks and to address the potential issues arising.

The success of this Annual Conference & ICT Awards and 30th Anniversary celebrations is indeed a reflection of the high commitment and passion of its volunteer Management Council in carrying out the day-to-day functions and ensuring sustainability for years to come.