WWDC 2012: EITN’s Essential List of Things to Look Out For

This year, the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) sold out in less than two hours. Not bad for an event that will not have the iconic Steve Jobs kicking things off for the first time in a long while. At least we now know Jobs hadn’t been the main puller to these annual conferences which have been the consumer electronics company’s platform for coders and Apple engineers to interact, as well as introduce new product features.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook: The new face that would launch
a slew of Apple products from now on.
Instead, all the buzz could be attributed to all the wondrous and exciting things Apple is stirring in its pot; it’s high time for a new operating system, a new mobile operating system and more great hardware.


We decided to put together a short and simple list of things we think we absolutely need to have an update on.

 Here they are in no particular order:

1. The new OS X Mountain Lion
2. A new iOS 6. Whether this will be accompanied by new iPhone hardware, seems unlikely according to reports, because Apple doesn’t want to extinguish iPhone 4S sales. Not till September at least.
 3. Retina display on more portable machines, be it MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Squeezing more pixels into displays across all configurations for these two product lines, also ensures that fewer ‘copycats’ will be able to follow. But will Apple do it?
4. Voice-assisted technology – what else besides Siri is up Apple’s sleeve? Dictation, perhaps?
5. Those who want the latest iMacs and Mac Pro desktops with Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge architecture, say aye. AYE!!
6. Apple TV – could Apple let another WWDC go by, without at least equipping their developers with an SDK for them to start building for the inevitable future of Internet-connected and ‘smart’ televisions?

Happy tuning into the WWDC 2012 tonight!

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