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Using underground hackers to bullet-proof computer networks is still going on, Patterson told TechNewsWorld. Security companies employ former hackers to do their bidding. “It’s moving upstream to big companies.”

Patterson said the Israeli government still contracts hired hackers, relying on one or two companies with former government security agents to oversee the hacker operations. Switzerland uses five very tiny local hacking firms that have relationships with police. The United States leans toward international firms. In security circles, the process is known as A&P work, for attack and penetration.

Patterson has a long track record in setting up security for major corporations. He told TechNewsWorld that the risks of hiring so-called good hackers can be minimized by following several basic rules.

“We believe we can achieve the same level of success without sacrificing the trust of our own clients. We may go to the hacking conferences and stay up on what’s the latest in the hacking community, but it’s a fine line. We hire the good guys,” said Patterson, whose book — Mapping Security: The Corporate Sourcebook for Global Security & Privacy — was released in April.

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