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Teradata welcomes new country manager to Malaysia

According to Teradata’s new Country Manager, Saqib Sabah, Teradata is very cognisant of the fact that data will reside everywhere, and hence its partnerships with different big data players like Cloudera and Hortonworks.
Both these vendors focus on development and support of Apache Hadoop, a framework that enables distributed processing of very large datasets.
A solution like Teradata’s Unity software will help stitch different data together, regardless of the fact they are physically separate, Sabah also said.

That is a very, very powerful capability seeing as how more data can add to context, which in turn can drive insights to be more accurate and relevant.
“The trend now is that data in combination, is a powerful thing. For example, transaction history together with interaction data and social media, could help a telecommunications company create a very powerful customer retention campaign,” he elaborated.

Saqib Sabah

Saqib Sabah

A telco customer could have very little activity in terms of his or her transactions with the service provider. But, when comments on social media is taken into account, and coupled together with location-based information, a more complete picture about the customer could be created.

Lack of strategy around data
But there are still many hurdles to cross, not least of which is the lack of talent or buy-in from management.

Not enough businesses are leveraging on their data to create further value for the business, and Saqib observed that in markets where awareness about digital transformation is not pervasive yet, senior executives tend to view big data and the huge explosion of data, as something for the tech department to handle. “They do not see it as a strategic decision for themselves to make.”

A lot more could be done in terms of awareness – organisations can reap the benefits from the data which they have, but it is a long-term initiative that they need to embark upon – and every single player in the whole industry has a role to play.

Lack of cohesiveness
But rather than pockets of efforts here and there in the industry, the push forward has to be holistic and concerted with every player doing their part.

Saqib admitted, “There may be a need for awareness of what each of the industry players are doing in the market.”

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