SAP Malaysia to introduce Digital Boardroom solution

In today’s challenging business environment whereby speed and agility are key factors for greater productivity, SAP Malaysia has called on local companies to embrace a “information at your fingertips” culture for greater effectiveness and operational efficiencies.

According to SAP Malaysia managing director Terrence Yong, technology is changing the rules of business and disruption is becoming the norm.

“This trend will accelerate further for the rest of 2016 and into 2017. As business leaders we need to absorb, understand and adapt with agility and speed to constantly changing circumstances,” said Yong.

“Decision-makers needs to understand the past, predict the future and drive execution while also monitoring, simulating and driving change in real-time,” emphasised Yong.

Yong’s answer for Malaysian companies to make better business decisions is the SAP Digital Boardroom, a digital solution that Yong said would enable companies to “connect the boardroom to people, places, and devices so prevalent within today’s culture of BYOD (‘bring your own device’).”

“Single source of truth”

Built on SAP Cloud for Analytics, the SAP Digital Boardroom taps into line of business data taken from SAP S/4HANA and the SAP HANA Cloud Platform to provide what Yong described as “a single source of truth about a company’s most critical business metrics to monitor and drive change in the digital economy.”

“The SAP Digital Boardroom can provide total transparency to board members, executives and decision makers with a comprehensive, real-time view of business performance across an entire company,” said Yong “We have incorporated fully-automated business intelligence capabilities that dramatically improve the quality and speed of reporting.”

“As businesses continue to transform and evolve around the digital economy executives will be able to use the SAP Digital Boardroom for instant data-driven insights that address ad-hoc questions and improved decision-making, ultimately building trust between all board participants, employees and investors,” he added.

SAP intends to deliver the SAP Digital Boardroom solution in a fully scalable, multi-tenant environment at an “attractive” price point that enables any individual or company to sign up and get going quickly.

Planned customer benefits, said Yong, include:

· Total Transparency – standards-based, single source of the truth reporting on financials, operations, marketing and sales in real-time without data duplication

· Instant Data-Driven Insights – powerful analytical exploration capabilities with a simple user interface to address ad-hoc questioning and improved decision making

·  Simplified Processes – intuitive user interface for natural interaction across a single screen experience from a projector and laptop to a modern touch screen experience on various device types including the Apple Watch; support for rich, flexible visualizations of live data to extend beyond static presentations; and new collaboration capabilities that assign and track action items even outside of scheduled meetings

SAP Malaysia will be showcasing the Digital Boardroom at its upcoming Asian Innovators Summit which would be held next Tuesday, 6 September 2016 with more information available here.

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