PowerUp Online Recruitment Success With Sonru

Sonru is Irish. Not just that, it provides a multi-award automated online video interview solution as cloud-based SaaS globally. Using the solution, users get to replace first round phone and on-site interviews for a more automated approach, allowing for efficiency in the process of digesting huge wave of job applications phenomenon and thereby speeding up the process of recruitment and ultimately improving the quality of human resource sourcing.

Sonru’s video interviewing solution replicates a real live interview. Interviewers create and send (via email) competence-based interviews to candidates (specifying the time allowed to read and answer each questions) – interviewer and candidate do NOT need to be online at the same time.

Candidates record their video responses to the questions in the own time and own location. Stopping halfway through is not an option.

The results of the ‘interview’ will then be evaluated and shared with colleagues to facilitate for candidate selection. It is a one stone kill many birds weapon.

In other words, Sonru is a timely innovation for enterprises to cope with the ‘big data’ possibility and the ever volatile nature facing the human capital industry;job hunting and talent sourcing have increased in terms of frequency.

In Malaysia itself, such trend (of interviewing with the robot) is relatively new. However, things are about to change for the better. This country needs more human capital development activities to deal with the ever volatile economy and the changing landscape of multi-country payroll. In other words, our citizen needs to become stronger in terms of intellectual and emotional quotient, by subscribing to further education and training in whatever ways possible for further career development to avoid becoming getting out of job.

PowerUpSuccess is a company who has the passion to contribute to such area, providing human capital development for organizational change, sales & revenue optimization, EQ development, leadership development and transformation training. It has been most active in the APAC region, transforming the life of the many of over 40,000 participants and 300 organizations to date.

PowerUpSuccess is therefore, proud to announce that it has been selected by Sonru to become the Malaysian partner. It will contribute in particular, to marketing, pre-sales and product training which will lead towards adoption of Sonru’s technology to the Malaysian market.

It is a blue ocean market for Sonru and that PowerUpSuccess is just the right partner to reach the shore of potential customers, given its passion and having the right market target audience as part of its human capital development business to deliver the message right into the heart of the human resource market segments of Malaysia. It is a good strategy and synergy. Not everybody gets to become Sonru’s partner.

Sonru’s SaaS approach removes the complexity of technology deployment and this will guarantee lightning fast adoption.

Any companies are potential users and all they have to do is just to sign up for it directly from the web.

According to Michael Garvey (Director ASEAN – Enterprise Ireland), Sonru is the biggest export of Ireland to date.

Luke Falvey (Sonru CEO APAC), said that Sonru is the pioneer is such arena, having been established since 2007, Sonru has defied conventions and is widely successful in Ireland, Europe and Singapore.

When asked about how will such technology change the HR industry for Malaysia, Raymond Phoon (Managing Partner for PowerUpSuccess ) commented that it will definitely going to create a new trend. The industry is in no doubt early adoption stage and it will take some time for market acceptance. Beyond that, it is up to market forces to decide what works best to evolve as best practice for the better of society.

The targeted market segments for Malaysia are just about any companies who hire people for work. Comparing using the technology with the service of recruitment agencies, Falvey said that in terms of costs saving, it will be 80%.

Sonru is fully integrated with Taleo, a cloud-based SaaS Talent Management solutions which was acquired by Oracle Feb 2012. Taleo was initially targeting SMBs and its core modules include recruiting, performance, compensation, learning, career advancement and talent intelligence.

Sonru’s clients include Volvo, Arvato Bertelsmann, Apple, CERN, Johnson & Johnson, Bioware, Magnox, Kuehne & Nagel, Allianz, Schroders and Taleo.

“Sonru is definitely a national pride, being such a successful and proven technological R & D brainchild and export from Ireland. This HR solution is one huge example of how technology is deployed in one of the most needful areas of any leading business- which is in the key HR role in achieving the object of being able to hire fast and hire well at the same time.” says Declan Kelly (Irish Ambassador to Malaysia and Thailand).

Sonru is not just Irish, it’s about time.

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