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Facts and Figures about Smartphones in Malaysia

Posted DateThursday, 27 October 2011 21:59

The typical smartphone user: 25-34 years old, high educated and working

Smartphones are not a gadget of the very young only – the majority of users are between 25-34 years old, are high educated with full time employment and an income of 5.000 RM and more. Many users are new to this smart world (80% first device), more than the half joined within the past 12 months.

Devices, their role and usage: Important accessory - always and everywhere

Nokia (35%) and Sony Ericsson (25%) with highest market share and with clear distance to other brands. Rather un-mobile location usage place number 1: at home followed by in restaurants. Important as purse and key, two thirds don´t leave the house without the smartphone. The users are driven by killing time and having instant information at hand by taking the smartphone along. Internet usage – especially browsing (41% last week) and accessing a social network (37%) – are very important for smartphone users. Only 13% of users do not have cross-media usage habits: the majority does something in parallel when using the smartphone like listening to music (63%) or using the internet on a further device (49%).

Internet Usage: High frequency and number of daily sessions

The typical smartphone user accesses the web almost every day (43% mobile, 73% fixed) with several sessions on a usage day – however rather short ones on mobile and longer ones on PC. One third expects to spend more time on the mobile web via smartphone in the future. Future web usage on PC is expected to be higher (52%).

Search: High frequency and Google followed by Yahoo!

Search engines of major relevance in everyday search (55% mobile, 88% fixed). Only 10% never use local search and more than 90% mention further actions after looking up specific information, with 41% making a purchase. For the majority Google is not only one of the used search engines but the number one search engine followed by Yahoo!.

Videos: Medium frequency and Facebook & YouTube on one level

Around every second smartphone is used to watch videos at least on a weekly base. Facebook (78%) is more used via smartphone than YouTube (62%) – on computer YouTube with higher usage rate.

Social Networking: High frequency and Facebook the one

Every second smartphone user accesses social networks via smartphone every day – 41% post personal updates daily. THE social network is Facebook (mobile and fixed with more than 90%).

Mobile Advertising: Accepted on high level with high awareness

Almost one half would not mind mobile ads as long as they receive a goody. Every fifth has used a mobile coupon in a store. 81% have noticed mobile advertising a least sometimes – mostly on search engines and apps. Two out of three have taken action after seeing a mobile ad.

Mobile Commerce: Growing shopping channel hindered by security and convenience

29% use the smartphone for price comparison or product information when shopping – about the same amount changed their mind on purchase as a result of retrieving information via smartphone. One third does not only use the smartphone when shopping physically but shops directly via this device – 47% of them within the past month. Preference of fixed PC and fear that purchase might not be secure are main barriers of mobile commerce. 32% anticipate a higher purchase rate via smartphone within the next 12 months.

Private smartphone users who use the internet in general

Age 18 - 24 Years 38%
25 - 34 Years 41%
35 - 44 Years 13%
45 - 54 Years 8%
Gender Male 29%
Female 71%
Education Low 1%
Middle 26%
High 71%
Education Employed - full-time 66%
Employed - part-time 5%
Retired 1%
Student / Apprentice 20%
Unemployed/homemaker 8%
Marital Status Alone 54%
Together 45%
Household size 1 Person 2%
2 Persons 6%
3 Persons 17%
4 Persons 22%
5 Persons and more 53%
Number of children 0 Children 47%
1 Child 25%
2 Children 15%
3 Children and more 13%
Annual household Top
(5.000 RM and above)
(1.500 - 4.999 RM)
(1.499 RM and below)
Region Urban 74%
Suburban 20%
Rural 6%


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