Maxis Launches Integrated Go-To-Market Digital Solution For Advertisers

Malaysia’s leading integrated communications service provider, Maxis Berhad, has launched Maxis’ Best Integrated Go-To-Market (B.I.G) Media, its integrated digital solution that offers advertisers the opportunity to reach out to Maxis’ large customer base through a one-stop shop for both online and mobile advertising. Maxis B.I.G. Media integrates multiple digital platforms that will enable advertisers to target consumers with content tailored to specific interests of consumers in a cost effective manner.

T. Kugan, Head of Product, Device, Innovation & Roaming, said, “Global mobile advertising revenue is growing at a rapid pace and in Malaysia specifically, we believe that mobile marketing is on the verge of a new era promising huge potential for advertisers. Maxis B.I.G Media reinforces our positioning as the leading integrated communications service provider by offering a unique, interactive one-stop digital platform for advertisers.”

T. Kugan, Head of Product, Device, Innovation & Roaming

With Maxis B.I.G Media, advertisers can take advantage of reaching out to Maxis’ customer base where there are 8 million active mobile internet users, as well as a community of 5 million customers who have already opted to receive mobile advertising.

“With the ever increasing popularity of smartphones and mobile internet usage, Maxis B.I.G Media is a timely solution that offers advertisers a highly engaging media platform that is efficient, direct, measurable and cost effective. It is essentially a platform for them to ‘talk’ to their targeted customers,” said Kugan.

With the telco industry generating rich CRM information ranging from basic demographics such as age and gender to more specific data such as mobile device models and locations, customers can also receive relevant, rich and visually impactful advertising content on their mobile phones.

The advertising platforms integrated under Maxis B.I.G. Media include :

  • myDeals, an interactive permission-based SMS and MMS mobile advertising service with comprehensive targeting capabilities offering outreach options for brands and a way for customers to stay on top of deals tailored to their profile;
  • MYLAUNCHPAD, a Malaysian discovery portal with more than 10 verticals featuring the latest news, entertainment, music and games downloads that allows ample advertising opportunities for enhanced customer reach, both online and on mobile;
  • Location based advertising, using location tracking technology that enables you to deliver location specific advertisements to potential customers, subsequently leading them to your store for engagement, will be made available later this year;
  • Text alerts, a non-intrusive SMS-based tag-on text ad;
  • Mobile banners, which offers a rich graphical experience that is excellent for branding and a gateway for engagements. With rich media in the pipeline, it takes the user experience to the next level. Currently, mobile banner ads are available on our Mobile Portal.

Meanwhile, more brands and merchants will be able to take advantage of mobile penetration and its integration into lifestyle choices to differentiate themselves from the competition, build customer loyalty and track success, leading to more customised campaigns.

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