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Konfx: Making a Malaysian solution global

Walter Wong, Founder and CEO of Malaysian software development company Gain Secure Sdn. Bhd, has spent a lifetime cultivating skills in a field he is passionate about. A graduate of Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Computing (Internet Technology) degree, Wong has faced an uphill battle all the way – and won.

Working through his university life, Wong graduated slightly later to balance his work and education, emerging with his degree alongside four years of working experience. Yet even while doing so, Wong cultivated a balanced lifestyle, exercising and honing his culinary skills at home.

His early years were an entry into the field of technology and he spent three years in an end-user environment before advancing his career in the vendor space. That environment offered him a greater opportunity to engage with and gain different perspectives of IT projects.

Parting ways with an MNC in 2008, Wong stated his own software development company, Gain Secure. Originally specializing in turn-key projects, Gain Secure finally broke through and released its own developed mobile application, Konfx.

Konfx was designed to be a state-of-the-art event management solution that offers the perfect tools to help better manage conferences and events. It works by offering conference organizers direct input on conference parameters onto a single system.

This includes information on speakers, agendas, locations and other information. That information is then made available to attendees directly through the app. Attendees are also able to register for sessions and rate speakers or sessions. All data will be automatically compiled and made available in reports to the organizer.

Wong and his expert team at Gain Secure have since updated the Konfx app which now offers even more benefits to conference organizers in the form of Traffic Management, Exhibitor QR code scanning, Enhanced Reporting, Real-Time Dashboard as well as sends automated emails to users reminding them to download the app.

Since introduction, Konfx has been accepted wholeheartedly by event organizers and conference attendees both. The app has empowered no less than 16 conferences since its inception, including MAX Reload 2017 by Telekom Malaysia, EO Taipan Masterclass by Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Experts Live Asia 2017 by Infront Consulting and Malaysia Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 from Azure User Group Malaysia.

Yet that’s not just where it ends.

Having worked with global conference brands and having a keen understanding of what they require, Wong and his team started planning for global deployment of Konfx.

To-date, Konfx has been deployed at five events around the world; Global Azure Bootcamp CDMX in Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico; Global Azure Bootcamp – RS at Porto Alegre, Brazil; ExpertsLive Australia 2017; United Kingdom based UC and Cloud Day 2017; Global Azure Bootcamp conference in Melbourne, Australia; and Colombo Global Azure Bootcamp in Sri Lanka.

“The management of conferences is something almost every company will face at one point or another so it’s logical that Konfx can gain traction overseas as well. We are at this point reaping the rewards of success in the local market as representatives of companies from around the globe encounter Konfx. They’ve tried it, they’ve liked it and they spread the news in their home countries,” said Wong.

Since Konfx has deployed on multiple continents, Gain Secure is now looking towards expand effort and outreach in these regions. This also includes gaining a foothold in North America, branching out into the European continent, and establishing a presence in Russia, Africa, as well as East and West Asia.

The strategic move to go global is timely for Gain Secure as it worked with partners at these conferences and has the right frame of understanding of what they require at these events. Paired with its Cloud-based capabilities, mobile services, and data collection and analysis offerings, Konfx is certainly suitable for any type of conference.

Thanks to expansive research into and feedback from the conference management community, Gain Secure can provide full customisation for the Konfx platform. By doing so the company streamlines the entire user experience for both management and attendees quickly and seamlessly. It can also be scaled to fit various event capacities and volume of content.

Moving forward, the Konfx platform will be expanding its features to include in-depth data analytics, more immersive user engagement and and better social media integration. This is in line with the global rollout plan that Gain Secure has in mind as the move will raise the functional value of the mobile app and management services.

“We want to do more for conference organizer both in Malaysia and around the world. The sky is the limit and we are set to raise the bar even further. With the improvements that have been recently introduced, Konfx is more than ready to take on the world,” added Wong.

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