Our local telcos have been in an unending price war for over a decade now, and it looks like it won’t let up anytime soon. I’m proud of the Malaysian DNA of being able to sniff out great deals, but sometimes…Enough is enough lar!

Perhaps I’m one of those (few) people who actually agrees with our Minister of Communications and Multimedia who recently pointed out that coverage is more important than speed.

What I don’t agree with, is politicians continue to use this as an excuse to carry on with same old same old…

I mean, why are broadband speeds and pricing still so abysmal?

We could ding dong about it all day  – IP transit is expensive, infrastructure building being expensive, lack of demand in rural areas, etc etc – but it all leads back to our beloved incumbent – Telekom Malaysia.

Yes, things were much, much worse than they were five years ago. Yes, things could continue being much, much worse than they are right now.

But currently, everybody in the local marketplace is saying broadband service is better than before, so many, many times …that they forget that in reality, it should and could still be much better!

The overall ‘backward’ state of our Internet speed, connectivity, coverage is simply due to the fact that competition is not completely free enough to be optimal.

Local regulator MCMC, despite what it always claims to be doing its best for nation-building,  fails badly by mixing up in politics and protecting self-interests of certain parties; ending up enforcing regulations that hinder truly free competition which is what the industry needs.

What the Heck, MCMC??

IT BYTES BACK! says: Remember the timeeee (in the tune of MJ’s song) when industry players used to call for the incumbent to be decoupled – operations separated from network, with separate accounting books as well. Why the silence and crickets now?

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