IT BYTES BACK! says: When Playing Nice, Bores..zzZZz

Let me ask you this – What do you think would be the natural reaction of a journalist, worth his /her salt, upon knowing that tech giants Microsoft and Google would be sitting on the same platform, to address an audience about technology?

Especially knowing that these international household brands have been at each other’s throats trying to get ahead of each other on the tech curve?

Fireworks! Debate! Challenge for the brain cells!! (Some swearing would be nice for a change, too..)

But alas, during a recent event by the Asia Institute of Finance (AIF) in late August, attendees such as I, were rather let down.

It started off as rubbing of our hands together in glee anticipating some exciting discussion when Microsoft and Google were put on the same panel discussing the topic of workplaces and talent of the future.

Instead of the keep-you-on-edge-of-seat debate that could VERY well have ensued, the Microsoft rep tried to steer the discussion towards cloud computing (*Yawn*) and the Google rep was almost at a 180 degree direction talking about anything ELSE but cloud computing.

We all know that Microsoft and Google are arch-nemesis, and competition is stiff at every front between these two giants.

My question is, if this fact is already an open secret – then why do both these tech giants choose to NOT take out their cases at press events and media briefings? Why play so nice? It is not wrong having a frank discussion about how your cloud business is doing in Malaysia, or even what you think about the competition’s technology and solution offerings.

I bet there won’t be any harsh words exchanged, nor do we expect any fist fights.

But putting the media in front of them to observe a discussion that is handled with kids’ gloves – is way too boring, and almost insulting to our intelligence!

The only reason I can think of to justify this kind of pussy-footing around is that many tech MNCs don’t really reckon the Malaysia market (and local tech media) as enough of an influencer powerhouse, to make any major stand for their brand positioning.

That is why they are unwilling to address the competition directly, or even try hard enough to disseminate local news that showcase how they help Malaysian companies (and Malaysia) make global scale impact.

IT BYTES BACK! says: What’s the deal? We know what you have to say to each other behind each other’s back anyway. So why not bring it out to the open and at the same time, give the media their fair chance to facts, content, debate – to make their own conclusions?

That’s when playing nice becomes purely pretentious.


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