ICT Spring to Take Place in September 2020

Originally due to take place in May, ICT Spring has been postponed and will therefore be organized on September 15th and 16th, 2020, at the European Convention Center Luxembourg. Today, the organizers of the global tech summit are sharing the main topics which will be discussed by local and international keynote speakers.

The place where AI, FinTech and Space converge

Artificial Intelligence is growing massively and impacting all industries. It redefines business models, allows the creation of new services while transforming the way we work: in other words, it is about to totally change our daily lives. From the smallest applications to the robotization and automation of several business processes, AI, just like the internet a couple of decades ago, will revolutionize our society. To tackle the trendiest topic of all, the organizers have invited renowned experts to discuss the following topics: “AI, the game changer”, “Data supremacy”, “Sustainable Technology”, “Leveraging human potential with AI”.

Fintech – the portmanteau word combining Finance and Technology – has been around for years. But startups and innovative companies keep on using digital to provide their clients with new services, focusing on customer experience, digital payments, cryptocurrencies and many more. Moreover, the trend is spreading and multiplying, with the rise of Insurtech, Regtech, etc., solutions. International experts will take the stage in Luxembourg to share their insights and knowledge. They will focus on “Strategic partnerships with startups”, “The Democratization of banking processes”, “Tokenization & cryptocurrency” and “InsurTech”.

Space has literally turned from dream to reality in the last years, especially for b2b players who are now able to launch new services and applications. The democratization of space brings many opportunities around the topics of data, security, IoT, etc. The main topics discussed during these two days will be: “Satellite technology 5G & next level applications”, “Space applications for maritime use”, “Cybersecurity in space operations” and “Big Data and the business of Space data”.

The return of traditional side events and a new focus on supply chain management

Moreover, the European Security Forum will bring together renowned experts, innovative service providers and startups. An exhibition area will be dedicated to these companies, and keynote speakers will share their expertise and best practices on the topics of cybersecurity and data protection, on a strategic and operational level, resulting in cross-sectors and cross- borders collaboration.

A new session of Pitch Your Startup, the international startup competition, will also take place during ICT Spring. Innovate companies working on the topics of “AI, Machine Learning & Big Data”, “Supply Chain” and “Cybersecurity”. The concept remains the same: pitches of 3’33, followed by a 2-minute Q&A session by the jury members.

Finally, the first edition of Digital Supply Chain Europe will be held during the second day of the tech summit, with a focus on some of the challenges of the supply chain and logistics sector and notably on the impacts of digital and data management. Local and international experts will discuss the need to disrupt the supply chain models, electronic payments to improve the supply chain process, but also customer centricity and much more.