Huawei’s Deputy Chairman Ken Hu

HUAWEI CONNECT 2019: ‘Leave No One Behind’

Huawei wants to spread love in the world, through technology.

At HUAWEI CONNECT 2019, Huawei’s Deputy Chairman Ken Hu propagated the mantra ‘Digital Inclusion’, and coming from China’s most prominent tech company, this means so in a big way – by bringing the benefits of digitalization to half a billion humans in 5 years time.

“Digital inclusion means using digital technology to promote inclusive development and leaving no person, home, or organization behind,” said Hu, calling on individuals and organizations to join Huawei in addressing global issues related to healthcare, education, development, and the environment.

In his presentation, Hu brought attention to the existing digital gaps that still exist – many Chinese elderly folks can’t easily book cabs because they are often booked via mobile phones; Bangladeshi women don’t have many opportunities to learn about computers; the inhabitants of Comoros were isolated from the outside world for the lack of any communications network until just 2 years ago.

Huawei’s Deputy Chairman Ken Hu

In China, where the far reaches of rural communities are trying to catch up with the dizzying speed of digitalization of its more modern urban cities, it is not surprising that Huawei has a big CSR to play a vital role in promoting national economic growth and boosting social welfare and happiness.

The ultimate goal, says Hu, is “Leave No One Behind” in the digital world, referencing United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of enabling humanity to address challenges like poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental deterioration, economic issues, and healthcare problems – to guide its business mission in the AI world.

TECH4All is Huawei long-term initiative to promote digital inclusion, to fight against the natural occurrence whereby technology gradually distances people from each other, from different levels of society, and from nature.

“Digital inclusion” best reflects Huawei’s social value. As digital technology reshapes the world, we want it to benefit everyone. The four main domains where Huawei will promote digital inclusion.”

  • Healthcare: Use digital technology to give easy access to better healthcare resources.
  • Education: Using technology to give the disadvantaged communities equal access to education and enrich education resources.
  • Development: Eliminating development gaps for various sectors, businesses, regions, and groups., ensuring equal access to digital resources.
  • Environment: Using innovative technologies to help NGOs more efficiently protect and conserve ecosystems.

Under the TECH4ALL initiative, Huawei will focus on three broad areas:

  • Technology: Continuously reduce connection costs and remove coverage barriers through technological innovation in connectivity, AI, cloud, and mobile devices.
  • Applications: Empower ecosystems and help developers create more applications for different communities and industries.
  • Skills: Work with local governments, communities, and other sectors to enhance the digital skills of the society.

At Huawei CONNECT 2019, the TECH4ALL Summit has attracted representatives from many organizations. These include international organizations like UNESCO, WWF, and WEF, NGOs like RFCx and DIVE Medical.

“TECH4ALL aims to enable more people, homes, and organizations to enjoy the beauty of the digital world. We want to protect vulnerable groups and make ordinary people extraordinary. 

Digital inclusion will need the joint efforts of businesses, governments, and society at large. Currently, we have just made the first small step. We welcome more people and organizations to join us,” ends Hu.