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HPE Introduces New Platform for Bare-Metal and Edge to Cloud Deployments

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced the HPE Container Platform, the industry’s first enterprise-grade Kubernetes-based container platform designed for both cloud-native applications and monolithic applications with persistent storage.

The HPE Container Platform is built on proven innovations from HPE’s acquisitions of BlueData and MapR, together with 100 percent open source Kubernetes. This next-generation solution dramatically reduces cost and complexity by running containers on bare-metal – while providing the flexibility to deploy on virtual machines and cloud instances.

The new platform uniquely addresses the requirements for large-scale enterprise Kubernetes deployments across a wide range of use cases, from machine learning and edge analytics to CI/CD pipelines and application modernization. IT teams can manage multiple Kubernetes clusters with multi-tenant container isolation and pre-integrated persistent storage.

As these organizations extend their use of containers and Kubernetes beyond development and testing to production environments, they need to address key considerations including security, multi-cluster management and load balancing. New use cases are emerging for edge computing, databases, and more. In addition, a significant portion of their enterprise applications and systems are not cloud-native – these traditional monolithic applications are costly to maintain and many of them would benefit from containerization. But re-architecting or refactoring existing applications as cloud-native is time-consuming and expensive. And these applications have requirements that remain challenging with Kubernetes, such as root filesystem persistence and migration.

This new solution complements existing HPE services to assist customers with container strategies, application modernization, and hybrid cloud deployments. HPE Pointnext provides advisory and consulting services built upon experience from over one thousand hybrid cloud engagements, with expertise and best practices from the acquisitions of Cloud Technology Partners and RedPixie.