HANA Leading SAP’s Database Charge

By Cat Yong


SAP AG now has a database and technology division, as a result of demand from over 196k customers and the inevitable fact that businesses are going to have to deal with more data than they currently do, according to Suraj Pai, vice president of database and technology for SAP in Southeast Asia.

A leading business application software provider with solutions that cater to an unmatched number of industries; 24 to be exact; SAP developed and acquired their way to currently having huge presence in cloud, mobility, as well as database and technology.

Suraj commented, “SAP has transformed itself in a very major way. Now, we are the number 1 analytics company.”

Real-time and actionable
SAP now has offerings that help companies transform their industry business processes into real-time awareness and action.  Central to their solution offering is SAP HANA (High-performance analytics appliance), an in-memory database technology that stores the database in memory instead of spinning disks.

The result is capability to return queries faster, with the objective being to respond in real-time. Suraj observed, “Real-time analysis and insights make all the difference in this hyperconnected world where profit margins are shrinking and customers can be very fickle-minded.”

Suraj Pai delivering his presentation during
SAP’s Technology Summit in KL

Actionable insights that are immediate, rather than an arduous, time-consuming process of going to the data warehouse to look for customer information, can mean all the difference when it comes to acquiring customers and retaining them.

Suraj also said that their customers had urged SAP to take the step forward into the database and technology area; now according to Gartner they are the fastest growing database company with 48% growth globally and 176% in the APAC region. In absolutely numbers, Suraj claimed that meant “600 customers using HANA with 350 customers in live state with these systems.”

SAP HANA real-time platform
Having been birthed in the area of analytics, SAP HANA has evolved into a more complete and end-to-end platform with business applications now also added on top.

Suraj described, “SAP HANA is now a real-time platform and is a combination of some Sybase offerings, some Business Object’s offerings and SAP’s own HANA.”

“SAP HANA is our dedication to our customers in data management. It enables them to access and analyse information at unprecedented speeds, and unlock business value from ‘big data’ for real-time decision support with extreme capabilities to ingest, store and process big data in real-time, “he also said.

Currently, 4 different types of database technologies are being offered by SAP’s database and technology group  – core relationship database Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), SQL Anywhere small footprint database for mobile devices, column-based, relational analytics database IQ and  HANA in-memory database.

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