Fujitsu Launches Its Global Cloud Offerings for ASEAN

Fujitsu, a leading provider of ICT-based business solutions, today announced the launch of Fujitsu Cloud Offerings for ASEAN, where enterprise customers can now benefit from three specific offerings – the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform, SAP Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Cloud Professional Services.


According to Charles Lew, President of Fujitsu Malaysia, the extension of the Fujitsu Cloud Offerings for Malaysia (as part of ASEAN) is timely with the company’s support of Malaysia’s Economic Transformation Program. “The accelerated adoption of cloud services is crucial to build a more human-centric Malaysia – whereby enterprises will consume business services rather than technology services as technology resources becomes available in an on-demand, subscription-based fashion.”


“We have committed US$40 million in ASEAN to develop our cloud capabilities. In launching these offerings, we based it upon our experience working with customers to determine the most optimal cloud solutions tailored to their business and technology requirements, with emphasis on delivering practical solutions rather than embarking on theoretical solutions.”


Lew shares that the three Fujitsu Cloud Offerings for ASEAN follows a globally standardized level of service and pricing that will address the current challenges faced by multinationals in deploying IT infrastructure deployment and accessing data and applications, in their expansion plans to multiple locations across the region.


Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform

The Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform is Fujitsu’s global standard for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and is hosted in six locations globally – Singapore, Japan, Australia, US, Germany and United Kingdom; all of which were established within the span of the last 12 months. By combining the scale of public cloud and enterprise grade security, with the customisation of private cloud, the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform makes it extremely easy for multinational enterprises to service their infrastructure needs locally – in multiple locations.


Fujitsu SAP IaaS

The Fujitsu SAP IaaS offers SAP customers a cost effective infrastructure services at the level of availability that meets their business needs, with cost savings of 30% or more, while ensuring that service levels are met for their mission critical requirements across all aspects of their SAP landscape.


Fujitsu Cloud Professional Services

Businesses in Malaysia will have access to Fujitsu Cloud Professional Services that will help customers explore and understand the changes and opportunities cloud brings; assess different cloud options and make informed decisions that would help move the business forward. The Fujitsu Cloud Professional Services will include Cloud Feasibility Study, Cloud Inception Program, Cloud Design and Deployment, Cloud Education and Training, Cloud Expansions and Bridging Services


Alignment with Fujitsu’s Global Cloud Direction

According to research firm IDC, spending on public IT Cloud services (excluding private Cloud spending) will grow from USD16.5 billion in 2009 to over USD55 billion in 2014.


Craig Baty, Chief Technology Officer of Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand says that Cloud Computing is a cornerstone of the Fujitsu Global strategy. “Fujitsu aims to provide cloud offerings that are based upon our proven IT experience of over 75 years and the broadly agnostic approach of choosing the best partners to deliver the high impact solutions. Fujitsu adopts a collaborative approach to deliver specific outcomes that our customers need from Cloud, as we strongly believe that cloud computing is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.”


“In this fiscal year alone, Fujitsu will invest USD1.1 billion – which is up 54 per cent from the previous year, in cloud-related business. Besides training 5,000 cloud services specialists globally by 2012, the other cloud investments by Fujitsu include internal transformation such as training, and development of other cloud consumption modes with partners – such as Application as a Service, Activity as a Service, and Content as a Service.”


Lew says that the rolling out of national broadband initiatives in Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand, are also stimulants to boost the adoption of Cloud services.


Currently Fujitsu has more than 85 data centres around the world which are central in Fujitsu’s ability to offer its network of global cloud platforms. “Fujitsu is currently assessing the possibility of realising a fully owned Fujitsu data centre in Malaysia. Technologically, we are already proven and ready with our vast experience worldwide. The next step is to consider the viability of local factors such as data bandwidth, network traffic and physical location.”


Fujitsu will also be rolling out a range of offerings as part of Fujitsu’s global cloud portfolio in the coming two years to deliver more fully featured, high efficiency services to enterprises, and at the same time to facilitate their expansion into the international market.

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