Epicor Says ERP is the “New Backbone” for Digital Transformation and Growth

At the Insights 2018, Epicor Customer Conference in Nashville, the ERP leader unveiled its product vision for the next-generation of user interface (UI) technology to drive customers and partners to embrace cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, predictive analytics, and other emerging technologies.

CTO Himanshu Palsule said “I believe that Experience is becoming the new product, and services is the new differentiator. Epicor delivers the muscle to move industry forward with intelligent business platform primed for global customers to embrace cloud, IoT, mobility, predictive analytics, and more.”

Analysts have said that by 2020 nearly 80 percent of CTOs in leading organizations will facilitate the identification of emerging technologies to accomplish digital transformation.

Palsule also spoke about the Connected Factories and how with Epicor ERP, the warehouses of the future are within reach.

“Innovative ERP solutions, combined with Industry 4.0 developments, are already helping to automate production lines, streamline supply chains, and provide the intelligent data manufacturers and distributors need to react quickly to changing consumer demands.

Epicor has unveiled a true platform for innovation that delivers common shared services that power everything, through layers, design and externalization of cloud, that our partner ecosystem and customers can build on top of, to a collection of industry experience coupled as reusable services.”

The pillars of the Epicor product vision start with the aim to deliver leading global industry-focused ERP in the cloud through supporting customer-centric best-in-class cloud solutions fit for industry; expanding the global ERP footprint; providing global customers with easy-to-deploy solutions for evolving compliance and legislative needs; leveraging an ecosystem of solutions for vertical extensibility; and, enabling use of a delightful and consistent user interface model—all deployed across a global Microsoft® Azure® public cloud infrastructure.

Gartner calls the entwining of people, devices, content, and services the intelligent digital mesh. It’s enabled by digital models, business platforms, and a rich, intelligent set of services to support digital business.1

“This shift in business models is transforming how people think about the technologies they have today—systems of record are now systems of engagement, intelligence, and decisions,” Palsule continued. “Epicor’s ERP platform for innovation that delivers common shared services that power everything—with layers, design, and externalization of cloud—through a collection of industry experience and reusable services that our partners and customers can build on.”

Introducing Epicor Kinetic Design common cross-platform UX framework

Unveiled to more than 3,000 customers attending the Epicor global user conference Insights 2018, Epicor Kinetic Design is a three-pronged common cross-platform user experience (UX) framework comprised of Epicor Kinetic Design, Epicor Kinetic Framework, and Epicor Kinetic applications.

Epicor Kinetic Design is a set of new user experience guidelines and patterns for building applications for Epicor solutions. Delivering unified colors, typography and icons, user interface (UI) elements, and page layouts, Epicor Kinetic Design empowers partners to deliver value-added solutions consistent with Epicor usability best practices and interaction guidelines to enhance customer experience.


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