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Emerson’s 30th year in Malaysia: Well-positioned to leverage digital trends

Having had presence in Malaysia for the last 30 years, Emerson Network Power (Emerson) today, finds itself in a strong position in the power and thermal management/monitoring industry, with an extensive network of partners, be they distributors or solution partners or even authorised service partners.

But, their biggest differentiator is their service quality.

Emerson’s Country Manager in Malaysia, Hitesh Prajapati said, “Our partners are trained and managed by us actively. We have our own core service team of course, and our numbers are the largest for our industry right now.”

Hitesh Prajapati

Hitesh Prajapati

Boasting a strong service legacy and track record, Hitesh also shared that many of their customers are repeat customers. “They sign up for critical 24/7 support services. It is a services-intensive business; hardware s good, but people buy us because they want peace of mind. They don’t want issues or any delay.

“We are proud to have the largest and possibly most experienced service team.”

Where can you find Emerson?

Emerson is in the business of solutions for critical technology that need protection and sophisticated power and thermal solutions. “Financial services, telcos, co-location providers; healthcare is also a huge segment for us as a lot of players in healthcare are moving to digitisation and go for our efficient solutions,” said Hitesh.

“We can be found where there is computing, communications and industrial automation involved,” Hitesh described.

He had also observed a huge surge in demand from public infrastructure players, as well as good growth in manufacturing. “(Manufacturing) has very critical processes and production lines which cannot afford downtime as there are huge expensive equipment involved.”

While Emerson is traditionally found protecting critical infrastructures for data centres, telcos and industrial segments, they are also expanding their involvement and understanding of other verticals like manufacturing, healthcare, utilities and transportation.

“We see there will be more automation and critical tech (in these industries),” Hitesh said, adding also that Emerson is deploying more expertise in the country and region, to spend more time on these new verticals.

“As for our traditional verticals, we expect them to upgrade or look for expansion in the future.”

Macro digital trends – fuelling data centre growth

Digital trends are driving more infrastructure growth. Being in the business that he is in, Hitesh observed that the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to grow much faster, for example. “It is going to be across verticals and applications and as the cost of devices/sensors go down, there would be rapid adoption by enterprises, so that they can gather data, analyse them and provide services.”

Hitesh believes that this would drive data centre growth and increase demand for protection critical hardware in the data centre, and telecommunications and network equipment.

Hitesh said, “Telco networks will definitely have to relook at their current network capacity and efficiency of their network.  We expect communications service providers (CSPs) to audit for size, efficiency and upgrade (their equipment).”

Then there is the data centre, where data is housed at and processed, and which the IoT trend is going to increase relevancy of.

Emerson’s Trellis solution, is a standard platform that can remotely monitor IT and facilities from one single management view. This unified management view is the first of its kind that facilities managers can monitor mechanical or electrical assets with, and IT admins can monitor IT assets with.

“It is a converged view for both IT and facility – it sees that servers deliver output that is expected, and the power distribution across the data centre for example; whether server racks are drawing energy as per benchmark,” explained Hitesh who said this kind of data can also drive informed decision-making by the management suite.

Hub for Asia

Malaysia also plays a significant role for Emerson in Asia, as it is the hub for Emerson’s design and engineering team. “As we grew here, we developed a centralised tech organisation that provides data centre power and cooling design and engineering services to this region.”

This organisation also serves Emerson in Malaysia and works with other consulting and engineering companies who have to deliver turnkey projects in other industries.

Hitesh concluded, “Customers keep coming back to us with expectation of time-tested solutions, and also innovation in terms of architecture and so on. More and more in the future, our experience and expertise, will become more critical.”


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