EITN HealthTech RT: Key Takeaways

On 3rd of May 2019, Enterprise IT News (EITN) organised a Healthtech round table that aimed to discuss how Technology can Enable Better Access to Healthcare. The roundtable panel was well-represented by folks from the Health Ministry, Sancy Berhad, Hospital USM and TM One.

You may read about the proceedings here.

  • Every policy under 12th Malaysia Plan will have healthcare component. Work and planning will start in July with the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • MOH is looking at a national regulatory sandbox, where all new innovation and technologies can come in, be experimented with, and be tested against current and future regulations and policies
  • Nationwide scale-outs versus pilot projects.
  • A national healthcare competency centre, comprised of a consortium of tech innovators, the Ministry, telcos, hospitals, insurance companies and more, can be the nexus that provides the Malaysian hospital solution, nationwide.
  • The patient funding model needs to change. Hospital systems have to have tight integration to public and private insurance, so that patients can pay and start treatment without delay.
  • We have to be agile and be able to adapt to solve new problems. And also have skills to understand the organisational context and adapt to it.


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The EITH HealthTech Video that collates some key highlight messages from the panelists.