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Ninetology Announces Smart Communication Devices

Posted DateTuesday, 20 November 2012 02:02

By Brandon Teoh


Ninetology Marketing Sdn. Bhd. is a mobile device technology company with core focus on ASEAN market. They have been in business for the past 10 years and currently having offices in 8 locations globally which include US (branding and marketing team), UK (design team) and Denmark (graphic team) – the HQ is in Singapore at which it housed the hardware design team.

Its current product range consists of smart-phones and tablets:


  • Black Pearl II – Phantom series – RM 599
  • Stealth II – Phantom series – RM 899
  • Palette – Smart ecology series – RM 399


  • Outlook Express Tablet – RM 499
  • Outlook Tablet – RM 699

Ninetology decided to focus on ASEAN alone, a market they considered as having huge potential and best suited to achieve their business objectives. First of all, the population of ASEAN is a big one coupled with good buying power. Most ASEAN countries have an emerging economy that resulted in fast adoption of technology and mobile lifestyle. Its multi-cultural facet promises a potential of high prospect for both marketing penetration and business longevity because cultures bring about more social-economical dynamism and activities.

Ninetology established alliance manufacturing with primary focus in Shenzhen, China. Collectively, these manufacturing resources have the ability of producing 1 million devices per month for ASEAN for fulfillment.

Smart Communication

The core idea of Ninetology devices premises on its Smart Communication concept which simply defines five elements:

  • Network – Telecommunication network such as DiGi, P1
  • Device – smart-phones, tablets
  • Smart ecology – green initiative
  • OS – Android and software
  • Cloud – Cloud computing for application, storage and platform

For example, the Black Pearl II, Stealth II and Palette are dual-SIM smart-phones. These products are pre-packaged and sealed with a default SIM card from DiGi that comes with data plan, allowing consumers to enjoy mobile Internet connection at affordable rates out of the box. This strategy of pre-packaging SIM card is a noble one. It premises on the idea of enabling mobile-Internet-to-all where consumers can now afford mobile Internet at the lowest cost. Having dual-SIM allows consumers to retain existing mobile phone numbers and using it simultaneously with the default number.

Essentially, the Smart Communication concept offers consumers with a single greatest benefit; all-round technical support from Ninetology. Consumers who bought Ninetology’s devices are given satisfaction guaranteed not just in terms of the hardware alone; Ninetology also makes sure that the network, OS, cloud and green ideology are properly taken care of from a single support center.

Black Pearl II Palette Stealth II

One can’t guarantee what can’t be controlled. As a result of exercising explicit control on all facets of the device (hardware, software, network, cloud), it allows Ninetology to setup the 9 Care after-sales service which entitles consumers with 1 to 1 exchange policy. The 9 Care covers the whole of ASEAN.

For green implementation, Ninetology teams up with the Malaysia’s longest serving environmental NGO; the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) to help with both technical environment support and guidance in terms of adopting smart ecology.

The mobile industry has resulted in excessive electronic wastage and accumulation carbon footprints to the world – jeopardizing sustainability.

In America alone, for instance, millions of mobile phones are dumped when they become old and unfashionable. It is estimated that, on the average, American cell phone users replace their old phones every 18 months. There are now about 1 billion used cell phones all over the United States, hidden in drawers and lockers, and all but forgotten by the owners of these phones.

Every year, 100 million used cell phones are discarded and the sad part is, less than 20 percent of these are recycled or sent back to manufacturers.

Consequently, the planet suffers from the eventual land contamination by toxic materials present in the components of the handset. These materials will eventually break down or leak, exposing the, air, water and land to dangerous chemicals that disturb the delicate balance of nature.

Outlook Tablet Outlook Express

Under this partnership, NMS will take charge of used mobile phones from consumers who would buy the Palette smart-phone by trading in their old mobile phones where rebates of RM 100 will be earned. These used mobile phones will be channeled through NMS to be refurbished and then to be sold at cheaper price to the less fortunate ones, especially those in the rural areas. A percentage of Palette’s sale and accumulated funds from total sales of refurbished phones will proceed to MNS’s nature conservation activities.

In support of MNS’s ‘Recycle for Nature’ campaign for corporate companies, Ninetology will be gathering faulty or unused mobile devices nationwide fro a ‘Green Chemical’ recycling system which segregates specific phone components into its respective categories such as glass, plastic, metal and motherboard.

“Ninetology is the first company to have come forward to NMS to help with achieving smart ecology,” said En. Shah Redza Hussein, Executive Director, MNS. He commented that such social responsibility ideology is quite uncanny for a company consists of mostly younger generation..

Ninetology also launched a new feature phone called ‘Vox’ via the campaign called VOX Gold to raise donations funds for Yayasan Maha Karuna. A percentage of the accumulated sales of ‘Vox’ will be donated to the organization.

Business Growth

According to Mr. Sean Ng Chee Heng, CEO, Ninetology ASEAN, Ninetology wants to be the champion in the market segment of RM 599 to RM 799 which it projects to have a business growth of 8% by 2012.

Ninetology devices were first launched in Kuala Lumpur on 8 Aug 2012 to resellers, followed by Penang, JB and Sabah. On 11 Oct 2012, they were launched in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Mr. Sean Ng Chee Heng, CEO, Ninetology ASEAN

Up to date, in terms of smart-phones, Ninetology has sold 20,000 units in Malaysia and 15,000 units in Indonesia. As for tablets, it is 8,000 units in Malaysia and 6,000 units in Indonesia.

The CEO expects a projected growth of 8% in the RM 599 to RM 799 entry level market segment in 2012 with overall projected market growth of 5% for smart-phones in 2012.

Ninetology hopes to achieve an overall market growth of 12% market share in ASEAN.