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MyDistress PDRM Mobile Apps

Posted DateFriday, 30 December 2011 07:02

MyDistress is a mobile apps commissioned by PDRM to allow smartphone users to have a way to alert police on emergency situation during duress.

The mobile application which is available under iOS, Android, Java and Blackberry platforms also cater for location based tracking, allowing the police to identified users' exact location during a distress call.

All users have to do is to download the install the app for free.

Essentially, there are two types of alerts available under 'MyDistress'. 1.) Personal alert 2.) Location based alert (i.e for homes, offices, petrol station and etc).

The location based alert is more applicable for business usage while personal alert is meant for individuals.

The usage of MyDistress mobile app is not entirely free, whereby

  • Subscription of RM2/month effective Jan 2012
  • Telco charges may apply on data usage


Currently only available in Selangor, Malaysia. MyDistress identified users via the mobile phone number. Hence, a user is able to have multiple phone number registered under his or her record. On situation where SIM cards are lost, the phone number may be restored or may be subjected to cancellation and new phone number may be registered again.

Check out the FAQ.