Change management – Malaysia’s biggest challenge

By Charles F Moreira

Whilst the Malaysian government, through agencies such as MAMPU (Malaysian Administrative Modernisation Planning Unit) has been working hard to bring cloud to the nation, the biggest challenge Malaysia faces today is not infrastructure, but change management – i.e. how to bring people who are so comfortable with systems they have today, to a new system which is cloud-based, Dato Dr. Nor Aliah Binti Mohd Zahri, Deputy Director General & Government Chief Information Officer reportedly said.

“With cloud storage, there’s no need to worry about the local storage capacity of say a netbook, since if its hard disk crashes, its software corrupted or it’s stolen, the data can be retrieved from the cloud with another device, and cases like this will help change user mentality towards cloud services,” said Dato’ Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Minister of Communications and Multimedia, who officiated at the launch of HeiTech Padu’s AwanHeiTech cloud service at at the One World Hotel in Petaling Jaya on 27 June.

AwanHeitech launched

“Under the Economic transformation Programme (ETP) announced in October, 2010, cloud computing was identified as an enabling technology and a platform of choice to drive Malaysia towards becoming a high-income nation. Under the Digital Malaysia master plan, we acknowledge that cloud computing services is one of the newest ICT technologies with an important role to play in the transformation of the public and private sectors. To facilitate that, the government helps to create the right environment to push cloud services by implementing various strategic initiatives with the public and private sectors to achieve the Connected Government agenda,” the Minister added.

End-to-end solution
“For HeiTech, we are in a unique position with our end-to-end solutions for all our customers, including data centre, network, security operation systems, application development and we do large data projects which involves much change management, so amongst all cloud service providers, we are best positioned to enable the transformation from existing systems to cloud,” said Harris Ismail, Group Chief Executive Officer of HeiTech Padu.

“AwanHeiTech differs from other cloud solutions in that it virtualises all elements of the data centre (servers, network and storage), which provides greater flexibility and agility for cloud users, whilst its suite of services and and technical expertise help simplify DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service) as a complete cloud offering,” Harris added.

Consumerisation of cloud
Its “consumerisation of cloud” strategy aims to bring cloud technology to the masses and small-to-medium enterprises (SME), which will subscribe to its applications and services. each of these customers can control how their systems will be accessed, so it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Large enterprises prefer their own private cloud, running either on servers on their own premises, or they can host their servers or applications at HeiTech Padu’s data centre.

“We generally focus on providing private cloud services rather than public cloud for commercial, enterprise and government customers, whilst we also target SMEs,” Abdul Halim Md. Lassim, HeiTech Managed Services, Chief Executive Officer told Enterprise IT News.

Abdul Halim Md. Lassim

The AwanHeiTech cloud, already has five customers in the financial services and manufacturing industries but has no SME customers as yet. It resides on HeiTech Tier 4-friendly data centre in Shah Alam.

The data centre has many fail-safe measures built-in, such as multi-carrier communications networks, high-availability mechanical facilities and and electrical supply with over 200 experienced and certified technical personnel to support it. HeiTech also collaborates closely on cloud with leading information technology companies such as IBM for mainframe cloud, VMWare for DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service) and CA Technologies for the virtual private data centre.

Global player
In its over 20 years existence, the publicly listed HeiTech Padu is a global ICT systems and technology services provider, whose over 1,000 ICT professionals have provided mission-critical ICT projects to government agencies such as the National Registration Department, Department of Immigration, the Road Transport Department, postal management system, hospital information management systems and even a flight simulator of the Sukhoi military aircraft.

It’s also delivered digitalised wide-area networks (WAN) for financial institutions, shared postal and banking services for the largest local bank, an investment management system for the world’s largest unit trust schemes, the manufacturing, transport and oil & gas sectors.

On the international front, it’s developed the Emirates Vehicle Gate portal which comprises an accident claims estimation and reconstruction systems to be integrated with inspection centre systems and Abu Dhabi Police Department Systems. The company also implemented a travel document production system for the immigration services of a South Asian country, a citizen registration system for an Indonesian provincial government and a Muslim pilgrimage system for a South East Asian country.

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