bt & iCare Collaboratin 2

BT to deliver cloud service to icare

British Telecommunications (BT) has signed a contract to deploy a cloud-based New Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) service for icare, a regional provider of insurance and care services to the businesses, people and communities of New South Wales, Australia.

By selecting BT, icare will benefit from market-leading cyber security capabilities to protect its customer data and enable secure business operations. The solution has been designed to be scale-able and flexible to minimise icare’s risk exposure as business requirements change and security threats evolve.

BT’s CloudSIEM service combines an Amazon Web Services-based enterprise SIEM platform with integrated threat monitoring, investigation, response and intelligence services. BT will deliver a 24×7 managed service and work collaboratively with icare to effectively complement its internal cyber security operations team.

Frances Bouzo, chief information security officer, icare, said: “The cyber security services BT is providing will help support the strategic transformation of our security infrastructure. The increased visibility, responsiveness and alignment with our internal security operations team provided by BT will enable us to proactively detect and counter security threats, and ultimately protect the critical data that our customers entrust us with.”

“With our service, icare gets a real-time picture of what is happening on its network, enabling it to spot anomalies so security analysts can investigate and respond to threats.” ends James Hennah, BT’s director of security for Asia, Middle East and Africa.