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Blue Coat Acquires Perspecsys to “Make Private” Public Cloud Applications

Blue Coat Systems, Inc., a market leader in enterprise security, today announced it has acquired Perspecsys, Inc., a leader in enterprise cloud data protection solutions.

With the acquisition, Blue Coat significantly expands its cloud security offerings and positions it as a leader in the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) segment, setting a new bar for data protection within cloud applications.

Kenneth Chen

Kenneth Chen

Kenneth Chen, Blue Coat Managing Director for ASEAN, Hong Kong & Taiwan says that CASBs have become the primary means of layering security onto SaaS (Software as a Service) applications, “We predict substantial growth for this space over the next five years. As SaaS deployments continue to increase, CASB will become an essential component of enterprise data and cloud security.”

This acquisition of Perspecsys enables Blue Coat to offer the industry’s widest range of CASB capabilities within its market-leading Secure Web Gateway portfolio – protecting data in an era of user-led cloud application consumption.

As dependency on cloud applications grow, organisations face many issues regarding data privacy, compliance and security. These include compliance requirements for Personally-Identifiable-Information (PII), as well as payment (PCI) and protected health information (HIPAA); strict data governance and regional residency rules for multinational companies; and most prominently, the continuous global news of data breaches. These concerns inhibite the adoption of cloud applications for many organisations.

Perspecsys’ Cloud Data Protection platform solves the key business risks associated with data compliance, privacy and security for enterprises as they move to adopt cloud-based applications.

Through the use of its patented cloud data tokenisation and encryption capabilities, Perspecsys puts enterprises in complete control of their data at all times, regardless of where the data resides, both while in use and at rest in the cloud. By removing the risks associated with placing sensitive data in the cloud with applications such as, ServiceNow and Oracle, Perspecsys effectively makes the public cloud private.

“Bluecoat is paying close attention to the unique needs of multinationals that reside or are doing business in geographies with strict compliance and data sovereignty requirements.


About Blue Coat Systems

Blue Coat is a leader in enterprise security, providing on-premise, hybrid and cloud-based solutions for protecting web connectivity, combating advanced threats and responding to security breaches. Blue Coat is the global market leader in securing connection to the web and counts nearly 80 percent of the Global Fortune 500 as its customers. For additional information, please visit

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