AWS Outpost

AWS Renews VMWare Vows with Outposts

 It is been two years since the AWS-VMWare partnership was announced whereby VMware Cloud on AWS was unveiled.

And at the recent AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, both companies were seen to renew their vows in the introduction of AWS Outposts – an innovation that essentially brings AWS Cloud…wait for it…On-Premise.

AWS is the world’s undisputed player in Enterprise Computing, followed closely by Google and Microsoft.

However, AWS continues to encapsulates one of the beauty of its phenomenal growth that puts it on target to be a USD44 billion company by 2020; that it operates with the quick guerilla-style DNA of smaller companies, and it responses to competitive pressure quickly.

Such is seen in Outposts, which was jointly introduced by AWS CEO Andy Jassy and VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger at re:Invent’s keynote.

AWS Outposts is categorized as a datacenter hardware that basically allows AWS customers to operate both On-Premise AND In-the-Cloud via a AWS (native), or VMWare (cloud-based) control panel.

For VMWare describes AWS Outposts as a ‘datacentre infrastructure delivered as a service’ that has all the existing benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS. The main difference is that it is now also available to the customers within their own datacentres.

The AWS-VMWare vows in cloud marriage were further strengthened with Pat Gelsinger announcement of new capabilities that bring many of VMware’s technologies to AWS, such as VMware Cloud Foundation (which will feature popular VMware technologies and services that work across VMware, and Amazon EC2 environments, like NSX, VMware AppDefense, and VMware vRealize Automation) for EC2 that will complement AWS Outposts.

IT BYTES BACK! says: . Letting AWS and VMWare Cloud customers to now work on-premises AND in the cloud the exact same way, using the same single control panel, is a powerful proposition for enterprise computing – one that Google, Microsoft and Oracle should be wary of.