Avaya Drives Real-time Collaboration for Crisis Management

Avaya announced a new real-time collaboration solution for crisis management that helps organizations and businesses reduce negative impacts from unplanned events by enabling fast, coordinated communication and collaboration across any endpoint. Avaya’s crisis management solution is ideal for BYOD environments, mobile and remote teams inside and outside of an organization, broadly dispersed geographies or isolated units within a single location.

At the heart of the solution is the latest version of the Avaya Notification Solution (ANS), which provides integrated, automated real-time notification, response and collaboration to transmit critical information and instructions in multiple formats. By combining ANS with Avaya’s conferencing solutions — Avaya Aura Conferencing 7.0, Radvision Scopia videoconferencing or Avaya Meeting Exchange — organizations and businesses can quickly bring widely dispersed teams together to preserve business continuity, security and public safety.

Highly scalable and flexible, Avaya Notification Solution supports small, targeted teams or massive groups, and can meet the requirements of nearly any size business or communications environment. Using ANS, organizations can:

  • Prepare for multiple scenarios in advance, including appropriate messages, lists, instructions and chain of escalations
  • Send messages to virtually any endpoint, anywhere: Alerts can be audio to any phone or integrated broadcast system; or text through SMS, email, instant messaging or digital signage
  • Trigger automated messages through a web portal, phone call or email, or third party system
  • Update social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Internet and intranet web sites
  • Commandeer Avaya IP Phones to behave as broadcast speakers and configure messages to “barge in” to active conversations if necessary
  • Poll or prompt recipients for response, such as condition or availability
  • Target special messages to sub-segments of larger groups and enable instant collaboration capabilities 


Instant collaboration can be facilitated through the “on board,” integrated Meet-me conferencing and collaboration capabilities, or by integrating with Avaya Aura Conferencing 7.0, Avaya Meeting Exchange and/or Radvision Scopia. Avaya Aura Conferencing 7.0 enables secure, session-based unified audio and web collaboration using desktop Macs or PCs, tablets and smartphones. Avaya Meeting Exchange bridges legacy to SIP communications environments for audio and web collaboration for mid-to-large enterprises and Service Providers. Radvision Scopia provides standards-based video conferencing and desktop sharing from participants using a broad range of video-enabled devices, including mobile, tablets, PCs/MACs, dedicated and telepresence systems.

“Asia is one of the most disaster-prone regions in the world, and an efficient emergency response system is critical to minimize damage and casualties in such situations. Avaya Notification Solution can help government organizations take prompt action to enhance public security in the event of natural disasters or other unexpected incidents. Enterprises can enable efficient communication and collaboration, and thus be better prepared to minimize losses and ensure business continuity.” Paul Chen, Director of Unified Communications and Technical Sales Operation, APAC, Avaya

Open web services APIs enable easy integration with third party applications that can trigger notifications and to provide more information within the notification. For example, GeoComm, an Avaya DevConnect member, provides geographic information that can be built into ANS notifications to targeted groups or to alert one or more end users when a geographically sensitive boundary has been traversed. Enterprises can integrate ANS with supply-chain management, inventory control or security systems to help mitigate risk from business-impacting events.

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